Thursday, May 19, 2011

She's a Hot Mess of an Artist

There is no denying that we have a household full of happy, energetic, fearless and somewhat crazy girls. There is a reason why Nick calls them Matches(B), Gasoline (Scout) and Black Powder (Ellie).

I saw this commercial the other night and immediately thought of my girls. Apparently, so did my sister who sent me the youtube link with the note, "Not sure if you have seen this commercial yet, but it reminds me of the "lively" Sweeney girls. Keep breakin' those gender conventions ladies! :)

That being said, the next two images won't be surprising. One morning last spring I was in the living room nursing Ellie and the house was a little too quiet. This is what was waiting for me when I found them. So wonderfully typical.

I made a layout for each other their albums.


gottaluvboyz said...

What a memorable photo!!! Love the layouts...I just adore that frame you did on the first layout!!! Great idea:)

Matt said...

I blame the hot mess picture on Grandma and her make up. :)