Monday, March 28, 2011

The Things She Says

Oh that Bennet- she just makes me laugh!

Over dinner last week-
Bennet- You know the worst part about school today was that Liam changed his mind.
Me- What did he change his mind about?
Bennet- Well, we're not best friends anymore and I guess he doesn't want to marry me either.
Me- I guess you'll just be regular friends then.
Nick- Yeah, there are other fish in the sea B.
Bennet-Dad, you're right! There are other fish in the sea. And sting rays and octopuses too. I saw a video today at school about the sea.

Hanging out-
Bennet- What's an idiot?

Bennet- Don't worry Mom. Someday when I'm a Mom I'll have the same problem.

Running up the stairs-
Bennet- Ok Mom- I have good news and bad news.
Me- (thinking to myself- we never say this so where does she hear it?) Ok- I'll take the bad news first.
Bennet- Oh ok. Well, you see Scout has 2 big hole in her Dora PJ dress.
Me- Well I guess I'll have to mend them for her. What's the good news.
Bennet- (pause pause). Well, I don't really have any good news.

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Casie said...

How long until she picks up "motherpussbucket"?! LOL