Thursday, January 27, 2011

One.Little.Word 2011

Each year in the scrap world Ali Edwards challenges us to pick ONE little word as a "focus" for the new year.

2008 Balance
2009 Relax

Last year my word was New. 2010 was a year of new beginnings and new adventures. On January 26th, 2010 I welcomed my third daughter Eleanor Margaret into the world and became a mother of 3. In September, I started a new job at the YWCA after a year of being unemployed. Nick accepted a new position as a professor at UW-Stevens Point in addition to running Big Fat Designs. The girls each had new changes- Scout started her new preschool/daycare at the YWCA and Ellie started going to Amy, our awesome inhome daycare, Bennet started 4K. So much NEW.

I love this idea because it makes me take a step back and evaluate me. At least once a year I slow down to ponder who I am and what I want to do to be a better, happier me.

My word for 2011 is TIME. I recently heard a speech given by a young woman who grew up without alot of the benefits that most people have. She said that she never felt that she went without because her mother gave her the best gift. A free gift. The gift of her time.

I've often said that no one has any more time than the next person. We are all given 24 hours in the day. No more- no less. What we choose to do with it is up to us.

This year I want to take the TIME to listen better.

Take TIME for just me. Without guilt.

Spend more undivided TIME with my girls and Nick.

Find TIME for moments of lifting laughter.

My friend Casie gave me this mug as a Christmas gift last year. Little did she know that it would become a staple for 2011 and beyond.


Casie said...

Awesome!! Glad I picked the right one for you! Any mother of three needs to "take some time".

.jessica jo. said...

my mug inspired my original word for the year too!! i keep rethinking my word change and should have stuck with my original. might just have to do a mid-year switch-a-roo. hehe.

if you ever want TIME with a girlfriend, you know how to find me :)

Grandma T said...

You "get" life. That is one of the things I love most about you! Mom