Friday, April 16, 2010

Wedding Album re-do

When I started scrapbooking I didn't think much about the actual albums I was putting layouts into. I would just pick up any post bound album that was on sale. I never really liked the traditional post bound albums. In my opinion they felt cheap and flimsy. They were a pain to organize. They only held so many pages before the binding started to slip or crack.

A couple of years ago I started converting my post-bound albums to American Craft D-Ring albums and never looked back. I cannot begin to tell you how much of a difference it has made. The ease of rearranging and adding pages is a breeze.

Back in 2004 I finished our wedding album and used a Creative Memories album. They make beautiful albums, but it just didn't serve my needs. I had 30 pages to put in the book. I used heavy, 3D embellishments throughout so it was a little bulky. The binding bent and cracked twice. Creative Memories replaced the binding with no questions asked. Still when flipping through the book I felt like the pages were slipping around. Because of this I rarely looked at the album.

A couple of weeks ago my brilliant friend Jess mentioned that I could convert this album over to a D-ring. WHAT? Tell me how NOW!

It's so simple. I grabbed Nick's wire cutter and snipped the metal hinges off the CM pages and slipped the page into American Craft page protectors. The total cost of the conversion was around $25. I want to do some more embellishing to the front of the album but I'm already loving the switch. The book is sturdy and easy to page through.

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gottaluvboyz said...

Awesome! I have yet to even do our wedding album...I need to get busy. I hear you on the AC d-ring albums. Jenney and you turned me onto them and I LOVE them!!!