Monday, April 12, 2010

Carefree Weekend

Get ready for a random post with random photos.

I love those weekends where you really don't have any firm plans. You can wake up when you wake up. Go when you want to go. Stay if you want to stay. This past weekend was just like that.

I'm glad I kept some of my old shoes for the dress up bin. Both Scout and Bennet have been wearing 'loud shoes' around the house the last week or so and having so much fun.

Check out the 'barf bucket' complete with a Chewbacca and Dora sticker (sorry for the brutal honesty- that's what we called it growing up) Ever since Scout was sick a couple of weeks ago she has been asking to sleep with it. The view from our living room window into the backyard. Nick relaxing with his guitar, Bennet making a mess in the sandbox and Scout on the slide. This time last year the possibility of buying Fat Tire, one of my all time favorites, was not an option in Wausau. My taste buds are happy that I can now find it locally. I heard that Leinie's Summer Shandy is here too!!! Sunday afternoon Nick and I spent some time outside on the patio while the big girls napped. So refreshing. Ellie was there too in her makeshift car seat/tent.

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