Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bowling Bash

Bennet and Scout had been looking forward to the Bowling Birthday party all week. Bennet kept asking questions like, "Mom- will they have a bathroom there? Will they have drinks?" Not sure what type of place she thought it was but she sure wanted to know all the details.

Bennet picked a heavy ball but insisted, "I have super muscles Mom. I'm a superhero- see. Easy Peasy" Okie dokie.
Scout was little miss independent. She insisted on carrying the ball all by herself. Pushing it down the lane all by herself.
They had so much fun! I have to remember bowling as an option for the winter blues more often!!

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.jessica jo. said...

bowling is so much fun!!! we dont do it nearly enough! last weekend a bunch of girlfriends went and had a blast. we might have an adult night out @ the lanes soon....i'll keep you posted :)