Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Scrapping

Here are some of my recent layouts.
'One Look?' was made for the Scrap4Life manufacturer focus- Basic Grey.
JOURNALING: Zoolander would be proud. You have Blue Steel, Magnum, & Pink Aluminum down. You have always made the best faces. When are you going to spring La Tigre on us? Feb 2009
'What Did you Say?' I made this for a ScrapFreak and Scrap4Life Challenge. The supplies are from the March Kraft Girls Kit. The challenge at the Freak was to use inspiration from an object. I used the clock we have downstairs. The little note tags list some of our favorite Bennetisms.
JOURNALING: Mom, when I sneezed a little pee came out. It happens. Accident happen Mama. D'yeah D'yeah
Is the moon waking up? The sun is tired. The cow ate the moon when he was jumping over it.
Can I have (insert movie or snack) it's mt favorite Mom. It's my FAVORITE. Really.
Dad: Repeat after me. I scream.
B: I scream
Dad: You scream
B: aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Stay away from the bad guys Mama. They come by the car you shoot them. They won't survive. Hug & kiss
You're a nice Mom. You are. You're my best friend. (I'll take it while I can get it!)

'Patty Cakes' Yes- I am really proud of my funny/punny title. This is a lift of a lift from the American Crafts blog. I am a member of a Circle of Creative Ladies and we were challenged to do a scraplift.
JOURNALING: It's an annual tradition. To celebrate St. Patrick's Day & Nick's unofficial 1/2 birthday we make cupcakes. We always use Duncan Hines yellow since they are Nick's favorite. He does the baking, the girls do the licking and I help with the sprinkles. It is a tradition that is uniquely ours. A tasty tradition at that. 2009


mustangkayla said...

I love how you document every day things about your girls. Thanks for the inspiration to do that!

Jayne said...

Beautiful all! The 1st and the last are my favs though :)