Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Fair

It's another Wednesday which means Nick has golf and it's Girls Night. The Wisconsin Valley Fair is in town so we called up Grandma to see if she wanted to join us. Off we went to see the animals. Bennet literally screamed "COW!!!" as soon as she got out of the car. B picked out her own shoes and chose her kitty boots. I shook my head at the time but turns out it was a wise choice with all the hay, etc.

(Side note: $9/adult admission is crazy. At least kids get in free).

Bennet, Scout and Grandma
I thought the gray blue outlining the black looked so cool. When you're used to seeing them in a field from the comfort of you car you forget how truly large cows are. Bennet was simply in LOVE with the bunnies. On more than one occasion I caught her trying to feed them and actually giving them kisses (I kept thinking - oh my friend MelissaS would cringe at that :))

Isn't this just a giant fluffy rabbit? Bennet called it a kitty.
We actually braved some rides too. Bennet and I went down the giant slide. As soon as we got to the bottom Bennet said "Again again!!" The giant slide was always my favorite.
She even rode a ride by herself. Nick would be proud to know that she picked out the hottest car there all by herself.

Scout was a wonderful baby tonight. She just soaked it all in and didn't fuss at all. Just a keeper.
Thanks to Grandma for joining us. We know you were wiped out but we had a great time!


charlotte said...

what a fun evening out! just love Bennet's bunny "kitten" - lots of adorable pics!

Melissa S said...

Oh what a fluffy bunny!!!! I love the fair actually...we plan on going to our large county fair on Sunday...of course weather permitting...:) Can I tell you a secret??? I love the bunnies..and last year I practically had to be dragged out of the barn they were in...and I almost convinced..key word almost....bobby to let me buy one. I am looking forward to either fried cheese on a stick..or the chicken on a stick...oh and the cinnamon buns...TDF!

The Comin Family said...

Looks like a fun night out at the fair!!

Carla said...

Great pictures!! Scout is getting so much hair. And 1 in a month? CRAZY I tell ya.

.jessica jo. said...

awesome pics!!!! we missed out on the fair this year.... :(