Friday, July 25, 2008

It's True

A quick little layout for a couple challenges at Scrap4Life and FeelingScrappy. All about my countless quirks. This paper is left over from Bennet's 1st birthday party invitations. I think I may just recycle the rest of it :)

I remember birthdays and anniversaries of people I barely know.
I have a bad habit of picking at my nails and cuticles.
I try to get a round dollar amount when pumpin gas.
I have to have Hot Mustard sauce with my McDonald's fries.
I can't listen to certain TV commercials so I mute the tv.
I write my grocery list in the order of the aisles.
I will rewrite the list if my penmanship isn't neat enough.
I drink my coffee in a stainless mug because I can't stand lukewarm coffee.
I have a blanket on my legs when I sit on the couch. All year long.
I put ketchup on my mac-n-cheese and grilled cheese.


Charity said...

Yowser! I must eat McDonalds fries with hot mustard too. Sooo yummy.

The Comin Family said...

Cute layout Kari!!

I also have a great memory when it comes to birthdays/anniversaries, always try to round off the gas to the nearest dollar, and write my grocery list in the order of the aisles. Haven't tried the hot mustard with fries yet, but it sounds like a must try to me!!

charlotte said...

You always do such amazing work with BOM los. I need to get rear in gear- thanks for the inspiration!