Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July

We had a wonderful weekend in Elk River for the long holiday weekend.

Firework viewing from the lawn.
Lots of pontoon rides.
Bennet played and swam. Was wet all day :)
Homemade ice cream
Star Wars exhibit at the Science Musuem and date for Nick and I.
New purple Crocs for B.
Adorable hat for Scout
Met Matt and Katie's nephews Eliot and baby Henry (of course their parentsSarah, Brian and Matt's parents Jean and Ron)
Dad flashed the neighbors
Cold GrainBelt
MattG kayaking
Gregg was home too

Thank you to Mom and Dad for an awesome weekend. We needed to relax and boy did you deliver! Bennet is still crying to go to 'Cool PawPaw's house-Car? Let's go!' Isn't it nice to be loved?

Oh and I almost forgot. I am in love with my new camera. Name to be revealed soon!

The video is 2 1/2 minutes.
View this montage created at One True Media
4th of July 2008


McFarland Family said...

Looks like a great relaxing weekend. Gotta love the picture of the flag and a bottle of

Melissa S said...

Ooo loved watching the video...great closeup of Scout...her eyes look fab....lookds like a great great 4th!!

Monica Jo said...

Love the video. Great shots with the new camera. My boys would LOVE to visit the Star Wars exhibit. It looks like you had a wonderful holiday weekend. I have to admit Girl, I'm getting curious as to what name you've chosen for the new addition to your family..hehehee

Brenda said...

What a great weekend! Too funny about Grandpa flashing the neighbors. LOL

Glad you had a weekend away from work and stress to relax and have FUN!!!