Friday, May 23, 2008

Spring Scrap!

I've had some major changes at work in the last two weeks. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law sold the business I work for to new owners. It's a great change and I am excited for the new opportunity but it still brings along stress, as any change does.
I've always found scrapbooking to be both a creative outlet and a stress reliever to me. I've been NEEDING to wrap my hands around paper, photos and embellishments more than ever the last couple of weeks. I'm wrapping my arms around Nick and the girls too :)
Here are some of my latest layouts.

Photos from Rib Mountain last Oct. I did some handstitching for the half circle and inside the felt border.

Our family photo from St. Patrick's Day
Our generous neighbors gave us some clothes for Bennet that their daughter Ella had outgrown. Since they refused money I made them a frame. Their living room is similar to this orange color so I thought it would match well. The 'Family' is a rub on I put on the glass.
Thanks for looking! Leave a comment and say hello!!


Melissa S said...

Very cool frame! Very thoughtful way of saying thanks!

Amy said...

I just love the colors in that first layout.

Amazing, as always, Ms. Kari! Isn't it wonderful to have a stress-relieving outlet with such tangible and lovely results? :)

Camilla said...

i am in love with the autumn colors lay out. great pictures, paper, layout, and little extras! You are such an artist.