Monday, May 5, 2008

The Ocho

Today Scout is 8 months old. Holy moly guacamole! I realized that when our short summer is over she'll be 1. Craziness.
  • Putting everything in her mouth.
  • No teeth yet. I don't think she's anywhere close to getting any.
  • Army crawling EVERYWHERE. The girl's got wheels!
  • Playing with the Little People dollhouse.
  • Grabbing Bennet's hair. In general she wants to be wherever Bennet is.
  • Growling. She growls like a frog. It's adorable and freaky at the same time


Michelle Lanning said...

No way Kari -- seems like you just had her!! She is a cutie!

Williams Family said...

So cute!

JC/DC said...

8 months!?!?! where did the time go? Weren't you just pregnant last week?

Chere Nordstrand said...

Wowee zowee time is flying!

roxybonds said...

The Ocho- that's classic!

Melissa S said...

Oh my she is a darling!!!