Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy 1/2 Birthday Nick (St. Patty's Day too!)

Nick's birthday is July 16th (Mark your calendars now!) But when he was little he never got to bring treats to school due to his summer birthday. Tragic! So, his very clever mom had him pick a day. Being a Sweeney he chose St. Patrick's Day. Every year we make cupcakes to celebrate.


Bennet liked helping. On several occasions I caught her sneaking batter or frosting.

The best part- licking the spatula.

So intense!

Cute St. Patty's Day pajamas from G & G T! Thanks guys!

Grandma S came over to join in the fun. She never would miss it.

The finished product

Scout would rather chew the hat than wear it.
My quest for a perfect family photo continues.

For comparison- here is the blog post from last year.


Carla said...

Fun! Look at you guys all decked out in your green! I love that one of Bennet eating the cupcake - so cute. :)

Amy said...

I have found that the most perfect photos are such because of their imperfections! Wow - deep stuff there. :D

Such terrific photos. Cool people are born mid-July, Nick. ;)

.jessica jo. said...

July birthdays rock! Mine is the 20th! cute cute pics of your clan Kari!!!

Tracey said...

LOl Happy 1/2 birthday Nick,I have only ever heard of our queen having 2 birthdays !!! lovely photos Kari, those cakes look very yummy

Monica Jo said...

That is such a cute tradition. And the photos are wonderful. You have an adorable family.

Jayne said...

How fun!!

Williams Family said...

Great photos - that looks like so much fun! (and looks delicious...)

Camilla said...

look at you all in green! Looks like fun with the cupcakes. Love the jammies!

toofclnr said...

you all are just adorable!!! i need your tips...on how to handle more than one at a time.. hehehe.. HELP!@!!! happy 1/2 birthday to Nick!!! and thanks for sharing...i love your blog!

charlotte said...

how cute! then and now- you guys know how to have a great time.