Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's a miracle! I can see sidewalk

Last Thursday morning you probably heard my sobbing. We had 4 more inches of snow. Now I love winter. I do- but come March I'm over it. By March snow has lost it's magical, 'oh how pretty' look. Well- fast forward to 5 p.m. and it was all melted. And in the 40's!! Woo hoo! What a difference 12 hours makes.

Nick bought this babushka snowsuit when we were pregnant with Bennet. She never fit in it since it's huge. First time parents picking the wrong size. But. . . it fits Scout perfectly. Now I know I'm biased- but she is so darn cute stuck in the snow. I picked Bennet up from daycare and she was splashing in puddles and throwing snowballs. So we continued the fun when we got home. She would take her bare hands, make a snowball and chase me down the sidewalk. And she has this little devilish laugh too.

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Amy said...

That photo of Scout...ohmygoodness. That is one of those that will go in the always-remembered pile, you know? :)