Wednesday, April 27, 2011

10 Facts about me and Nick

I saw this on Betty Beguiles blog and thought it looked fun.

1. Our first date was 10 hours long and involved a white alligator, Beamish and spilled mustard.
2. We are able to have conversations consisting entirely of movie quotes. Not the Oscar worthy ones, but those awesome 80's cheeseball films.
3. Speaking of 80's cheeseball films he humors me when I say he looks like Dan Ankroyd.

4. I fell for him early. But I think it was that first weekend in Wausau when I met his family that I really knew. Hanging out with his brothers in the backyard while they played guitar and sang Dennis Miller songs is still one of my fondest memories.
5. He is a fine cook. The man can cook. Give him a basket of ingredients and he will knock your socks off. O-M-G! His steak sammie- to.die.for
6. He is secure enough in my love for him that we had 5 of my ex-boyfriends as guests at our wedding. One of them was in our wedding party. Now- that's a confident man! (rightfully so!)
7. Speaking of our wedding- it was so fun. We got married outside at my inlaws house on a beautiful Sept. day. We wanted to throw a memorable event- a classy event but also a casual party and I think we did just that!
8. I love looking at our 3 girls and seeing little bits of him and little bits of me. And then there are those bits that we wonder where they come from.
9. I hate that he leaves his coffee cup on the counter instead of in the dishwasher. He hates that I steal the covers. But those things pale by comparison to all the things I love. Like how he
10. The biggest fact about Nick and me is that we like to laugh. There is alot of laughter in our house (and alot of whining coupled by shrieks of joy from the kids) He has an oddball sense of humor- but I get it. And I get him.

Which leads me to this layout. Nick snapped the photo of me as he was making me laugh at a date/dinner out a couple of weeks ago. I love that this is what he sees when he makes me laugh.

TITLE: Everyday
(Made with bits and pieces from the March/April Inspired to Scrap kit)


gottaluvboyz said...

Such a great feel good post and what a great layout!!!

Grandma T said...

OMG You are awesome at expressing yourself. Wish I had that talent.