Saturday, June 7, 2008

Summer Saturday

Well- the last day of school was last Friday so summer is officially here. We had a typically crazy Saturday today. We have a very large window box on the outside of our house. Last summer I didn't plant anything. I'm using the fact that I was pregnant as an excuse. The truth is I just didn't get around to it. So- this year I'd better make up for it.

After breakfast today Bennet and I went to the nursery for flowers. Of course B splashed in every pond and climbed every hill but we had fun. She helped me pick the colors. White, Pink and Red.

Since there is 2 years plus of dirt we had to prep the box for planting. B is REALLY into helping these days which is alot of fun. "I help" is a common phrase at our house. I know it will be fleeting so we're taking advantage now.

Scout hung out with us too. She is a standing/cruisin' fool these days. Just has to be up on everything. Thanks to Miranda and Sam for the cool onesie!! And our neighbor, the Gasall's for the Cozy Coupe. Scout has decided it's hers.
Ms. Jones

Here is Nick trying to quickly mow the yard before the storms roll in. My hero!!

Well- that was a random post- but a post none the less.

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Charity said...

Too cute. What a great helper B is. I am so glad you like the coupe. Todd got our yard mowed right before the rain too :) Yeah