Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dr. Doolittle

It's been an animal filled week for me. On my trip south to Point/Rapids on Tuesday I came across a turtle trying to cross the road. I avoided him but his next opponent was a FedEx 18 wheeler. I do hope he made it. Then I saw a deceased porcupine, fawn, and racoon. 4 animals in a day should have been my sign that something was up.

Yesterday it got really interesting. I was on my weekly drive west to Eau Claire on Hwy 29. For those of you not familiar with 29, here is what Nick says about it "It is the most boring stretch of road. How do you do this every week?" Lots of farmland and not a whole lot else. I could do the stretch of road with my eyes closed. (Dad- don't worry. I wouldn't REALLY do it)

Well I'm driving along belting out Sister Christian on the 90's flashback when I see 2 adorable baby goats eating grass in the median of the highway. Goats? Really? In the middle of nowhere? I do a quick scan to see where they may have come from. Amazingly enough- not a farm to be seen. I thought about stopping to swoop them up and put them somewhere but I was late.
I was telling my mom and Nick about my Goat Spotting last night. They both looked at me like I was taking crazy pills or something. Well. . . I was driving to work this morning and somehow tuned into an Eau Claire country radio station (yes- I'm a closet country fan. Hee Haw). I hear the DJ say, "A farmer in Chippewa County is missing a pregnant Nanny Goat. If you have any information please call the station" WTH? Are you kidding me?

Well Mr. Farmer I can tell you this much. Your pregnant Nanny Goat isn't preggers anymore b/c I saw her babies munching on grass yesterday morning. So after multiple attempts to call the station I couldn't get through. So I sent them an email. The DJ responded and sent it onto the farmer. How crazy is that? That I was listening to that station at that time. Weird.

I will probably never know what happened with the mama goat her babies. But I do feel good that I did my part and sent the email. And to know that I wasn't seeing things.


Stacey said...

What a great story Kari Ann - so cool that you could help reunite the farmer with his baby goats!! :)

Williams Family said...

Oh, I hope those wee baby goats and their mama are a-ok! How lucky for them that you heard that station!