Monday, February 4, 2008

A Different Kind of Bowl Weekend

After our ideal weekend last week we were slapped by the sicky brigade this week. Full throttle. Even though it was Super Bowl weekend we all spent more time with the Sick Bowl and Toilet Bowl. Bennet got the stomach bug Wednesday night-Thursday. It hit me Thursday night and all day Friday. Scout had it Friday-Sat. Nick got it Friday afternoon. You get the hint. It boomeranged back a little yesterday for Bennet and I got it last night and today.

Bennet was kind of freaked out by the whole experience. So to make her embrace the bowl she put some kitty cat and Star Wars stickers on it. Somehow having Darth Vader and Chewbacca('Bacca' as she says) embellies makes it a little easier.

Can you say bleach water and Clorox wipes? If I never do another load of laundry of soiled, gag inducing pajamas/sheets it will be too soon.

Here is a photo that encapsulates the weekend. Bennet with her blanket, pedilyte, Stoli kitty, Sick Bowl, towel and remote. Oh and Cheetos. Yes- stellar parenting there. But at that point if she wanted to eat a banana split with triple chocolate and a Coke I would have let her.
Tomorrow is Tuesday. Let's hope it is TERRIFIC!!


McFarland Family said...

I hope everyone is feeling much better, what a horrible weekend to follow up your previous weekend.

Brenda said...

Feel Better Sweeney's! Sorry your weekend was such a bust. Hope everyone is back to themselves very soon.

Melissa S said...

Oh you guys...sooo horrible..Poor B..she does look all out of sorts there. your title to your was funny!

Chere Nordstrand said...

Kari you had me ROFL with this post! i know you weren't laughing at the time and I probably look like a complete boob laughing at you now :} But I'm laughing because i have totally been there and I feel your pain! I'm glad the sickys are all over. You can laugh at me when they hit our!?