Wednesday, February 27, 2008

7 Things about me you wish you didn't know

I was tagged by my sweet neighbor Charity (Who along with her husband Todd and us are the only people in a 3 block radius under 40 years old)

I need to tell 7 quirky or random things about myself here goes:

1. When I'm sitting on the couch I need a blanket on my lap. Even if it's 90 degrees with 100% humidity in the summertime.

2. I am a reservoir of useless information when it comes to celebrities and movie trivia. Why I couldn't remember things that would make me a millionaire is beyond me.

3. I spent a year in Japan after I graduated from high school. I say that I don't remember any Japanese but apparently I slip into it when we watch tv or ordering sushi.

4. I have a tramp stamp (Translation- lower back tattoo) that while I love turned out much bigger than I wanted. Oh well- live and learn. And live with it forever. It's my name in katakana- Japanese.

5. I literally get an adreneline rush when I buy new scrapbook supplies. I mean come on!! New papers, embellies. . . heart. . . racing. . . I giggle like a schoolgirl.

6. I secretly love 70's/dentist office music. Like a lot! Earth Wind and Fire, Doobie Brothers (The Doobie Brothers broke up? When did that happen? Leave me a comment with the answer of the movie that line is in and who said it and you'll be entered for a prize. See usless movie knowledge.) , Billy Preston, Lionel Ritchie, Bill Withers, Michael McDonald, James Ingram, Al Green, Stevie Wonder, and of course Barry Manilow.

7. If I could meet anyone dead or alive I'd tell you Katharine Hepburn or Cary Grant. Doesn't that make me distinguished? But secretly I would be equally happy meeting Colin Firth or George Clooney.

The rules are:1. Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.2. Share 7 random and or weird facts about yourself.3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.4. Let each person know that they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
Im tagging Carla, Jayne, Matt, Rachel, Stacey, Jess, Jen

Thanks Charity!!! Once all this snow melts we'll have to get the kids together!!


.jessica jo. said...

interesting things!!! how fun!!! I'll have to do this!!! :) Thanks for the tag

Williams Family said...

Billy Preston! One of my all-time faves is "With You I'm Born Again". I even have the sheet music! And I think I've already shared that I am a Fanilow...

Matt said...

Dammit man, The Doobie Brothers broke up? Shit! When did that happen?
-Romancing the Stone

Estee said...

Love the fun things about you Kari!! :)

roxybonds said...

michael douglas, romancing the stone ;)

Camilla said...

me and you should do lunch with colin firth...

and after knowing you for years i never knew you went to japan, how cool is that!

oh and i get giidy in scrapbook stores too... all those fun things!! its like a toy store for grown ups! and just like a child, i want one of everything to take home!