Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Traveling Gray Hoodie

Where to begin? In my previous life I used to travel alot for my job. Approximately 400 flights per year. Needless to say I racked up the frequent flier miles. However, because United can't seem to link their Mileage Plus computer system with their regular system I lost over 100,000 miles. That's alot of miles people! I have an unrealistic dream of Nick and I jetting off to Europe at some point. So in order to get those miles back I had to take a paid flight somewhere. I looked into making a quick trip to Chicago or Minneapolis but tickets were close to $800. CRAZY!! On a whim I looked at tickets to see friends and found a great price for a flight to Kentucky so off we went.

Oh some more back story for the new viewers of this blog. When I was pregnant with my first daughter Bennet in 2005 I joined an online pregnancy group called the BrrrBabies. We were all due around the same time- Dec. 21-31, 2005. We've all stayed very close and 'talk' every day. In fact, I've been able to meet nine of them in person over the last 2 years. My friend Carrie (who I went to see in KY) has a son born the same day as Bennet. And Carla (from Ontario, Canada) made the drive down to spend the weekend as well. They came to see me in Wisconsin last May so it was my turn to travel ;)

Here is Scout all packed and ready to go. 5 months old and excited for her first plane trip.

We were delayed from Central Wisconsin so Scout and I jammed out to some sweet tunes on the ipod.

Scout did such a great job on the planes. People said "Oh- I forgot she was even here" That's what I like to hear. You know they're thinking "Oh please don't let it be me who drew the short straw and has to sit next to the baby" :) This is the first exposure of the Traveling Gray Hoodie.

When we got to OHare we found out that our flight into Louisville had been cancelled due to Ground Control. There's a new made up excuse if I ever heard one. So instead of getting into Louisville at 6 p.m. and making the drive to Lexington I wouldn't get to Louisville until midnight. UGH! So- I asked if they could send us to Lexington or Cincinnati instead. Sure. So Carrie and Carla left Louisville and went to Cincy and met me. Those poor girls made a giant triangle of driving to get us. Thanks again you guys!!

The pilot of our flight to Cincy took this picture. A really nice gentleman. He just came up to us and made small talk and then offered to take the photo. Oh- gray hoodie again.

Since my luggage was on a plane for Louisville and I flew into Cincinnati we spent the weekend living out of the little diaper bag I brought. I had one extra outfit for Scout and my camera. Really that's all I needed. There are far worse things in life right? Besides- I'm starting to really like my gray hoodie.

Scout had a milestone on the trip. Right after this photo was taken she rolled over and back for the 1st time. Superstar!!

Carrie's oldest son Dylan LOVES babies. He was such a doll with Scout. He kept saying that she was his and she needed to stay in KY. But that I could visit anytime I wanted. So thoughtful :)

Another BrrrBaby friend Hillary came down from Cincinatti to join us for lunch. She has two boys. Her first was born a week or so after Bennet and her second was born about a month before Scout. Pregnant at the same time both times. There's Colin in the background.

Scout really liked Wilson. I think she may have a little crush.
After an afternoon of eating and shopping some adult beverages were in order. Off to the Liquor (lick her? I barely know her hee hee) Barn. Carla and Carrie with the hooch.
Hmmmm. . . . Boddingtons.
Colin wanted to hold Scout. Bennet hasn't even asked to do that yet. Thanks for letting us borrow the pj's too.
Scout's first trip to Archiver's. She's a scrapper in the making. Fast forward 15 or less years and she'll join me at crops!Oh the Colonel. He's such a sexy little fox isn't he? Did you know his first name was Harland? A little trivia for you. And do you spy the gray hoodie?
This photo is just for Matt.

Our flight home was delayed in Louisville but we made it home on time to Wisconsin. We were welcomed to subzero temps though- ick!!

I had such an awesome weekend. There is nothing like girl time. Thank you to Carrie (and family) for being such amazing hosts. Thank you to Carla for making the long drive down. And thank you to Hillary for hanging out on Sat. It was nice to finally meet you and Wilson. Love you guys!


Amy said...

Great photos! I love the one of you snuggling Scout on the plane. Might have to have a shot like that taken during our trip to NM in a couple of weeks.Look like you girls had an amazing time!

(And as an additional matter of trivia, Matt's granddad was friends with the Colonel himself. They met - you guessed it! - while seated next to one another on a flight.

Matt said...

Thanks for taking that picture. Building dipped in red wax, what will they think of next.

It makes me thirsty just looking at it. Hmmm... I guess that is the whole point of advertising.

Melissa S said...

Awesome weekend! You are a saint..I would have died without my luggage!

Jayne said...

Sounds like a great trip!!

JC/DC said...

We had fun! You can borrow my PJs any day!

Carla said...

Great pictures! Can we do it again this weekend?

Molly said...

Kari, you are such a wonderful story-teller and your optimism never fails to amaze me! Love the gray hoodie...did you ever hear Adam Sandler's "Red-hooded sweatshirt" could listen to it and change red to gray :) Bennet looks like she had a great trip...I love, love, love the picture of her in the suitcase! Carla, Carrie and clan, and Hillary and Wilson all look great too!!!!

.jessica jo. said...

that is such an awesome story!!!! i have known some online friends for 7+ years from joining a mommy board too when I was pregnant and have even met some of them! Its amazing how the internet brings us all together!! Glad you guys had a good trip - despite the airline problems & no luggage!