Sunday, January 27, 2008

An Ideal Weekend

My word for 2008 is BALANCE. And this weekend I think I achieved it. It was just perfect!

Friday night Nick and I cashed in a babysitting night from Grandma Sweeney. She had given us a 'night out' as an Anniversary present. Since our anniversary was Sept 6th and Scout was born Sept 5th we obviously didn't go out then. We spent it at the hospital.

We started the night with a wonderful dinner at the country club. Delicious food and amazing wine. We both ate more than our fair share, but it really was a treat! Then it was off to the Grand Theater to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. (Thanks to Fox 55 and Deb S for the tickets!) It was alot of fun! It made me want to get out my trumpet and practice. I took a little video.

Click the link.

After the concert we went to Malarkey's Pub. The most un-Irish pub I've ever been to. But it was fun all the same.

What is Silent Bob doing playing the sax?

As we were leaving it began to snow. This is the Grand Theatre across the street.

Saturday morning I left the house bright and early for an out-of-town crop. Thank you to Casie for coordinating such a fun day. I got several pages done and met some really hip scrappers. I'll upload layouts once I get them scanned.

My mom came into town to visit too! So when I got back from the crop we all went out to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. Scout got all bundled up and actually fell asleep during dinner. Bennet was more of handful. That's what being 2 is all about.
Of course since Grandma Trunnell was in town it meant it was bath night. I guess they are both mesmerized by the bubbles or something.
Scout continues to LOVE bathtime. She just sits there and smiles and giggles. Such a contrast to B who was a screamer!

Today Grandma, Bennet and I went back downtown to go skating and sledding. Bennet loved picking up the chunks of snow and throwing them on the ground.

For the first time in a long time it was in the 30's today. Heatwave!! Here I am on my skates.

I got a little workout pulling Bennet around.

After skating we went over the G&G Sweeney's to sled on their hill. They were up at the cabin so they weren't home. Bennet walked in the house and quickly went to the library looking for Grandpa in his chair. "Paw Paw?" Sorry honey- he's not home. Maybe next time.
The snow was pretty deep so we made a short run.
And to wrap up my ideal weekend I took a 2 hour nap this afternoon. Weekends like this do wonders for my attitude. Bring on the week I say!


McFarland Family said...

Wow, sounds like the perfect weekend. Dinner, music, scrapbooking, grandmas, sledding and skating...who could ask for anything more!

Melissa S said...

Phew that seems like a lot to do...but soo much wonder you needed a nap:) Balance...perfect balance:)

Camilla said...

what a perfect weekend! I am glad it all came together so well! And i love the bath pictures, when did scout get so big?? cant wait to see what you did at the crop.

Carla said...

Balance sounds like a great plan. One question - who is that skinny chick dressed up in your clothes?

Charlotte said...

What a fun filled weekend! And love those pics of your sweet girls :)

Williams Family said...

What a wonderful weekend!