Sunday, January 6, 2008

Scout @ 4 Months

It's hard to believe that our little Scout is already 4 months old. We truly couldn't ask for a better baby. She is such a happy, content girl. We've been blessed with a good sleeper which makes life at our house much easier. You know how I LOVE my sleep.
And oh how she makes us laugh! Nick can tickle her in the right spot and get the most infectious, deep laugh out of her.
She rolled over from her back to her belly on her 4 month birthday, got stuck, got mad and hasn't tried it again. She really is starting to move around more that's for sure.

Bennet has really taken to her in the last month or so. If Scout is sleeping in the mornings on the days Bennet goes to daycare, B will go give Scout's door a hug and blow her a kiss. I'm sure once Scout starts to move and play with Bennet's things this happiness will change :)
Her Aunt Katie and Uncle Matt will be happy to know that I caught her practicing her Blue Steel look the other day. It is far from perfected- but she'll unleash it soon.


Melissa S said...

Scout is just absolutely the cutest thing!!

McFarland Family said...

Wow, four months have flown by! Scout is just adorable!

Brenda said...

aww...she is so cute. I can't believe she is 4 months old already.

Stephanie said...

She is so adorable!! Wow, times flies... 4 months already. They grow so fast!!