Thursday, September 6, 2012

10 Things on Thursday

1. Nick and I are celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary today. We've gone from just him, me and 1 cat (Stoli) to him, me, 2 cats (Stoli & Jones) and 3.5 kids: Bennet, Scout, Eleanor and almost-Mitten in 9 years. We've been busy! 

2.  I've hit 29 weeks and thus the 3rd trimester of this pregnancy. I'm still feeling pretty good and while I'm starting to feel more tired, sleep is becoming elusive. Double edged sword. Can hardly believe Mitten will make his/her debut in 10 weeks. 

3.  Fall TV starts back up in 2 weeks. CAN'T WAIT! I am such a tv junkie! 

4. Bennet Snapshot of the Week:  Lost her 2nd tooth last Saturday and started 1st grade this week. 

5. Scout Snapshot of the Week: Started Kindergarten this week. She said she was "embarrassed" but meant nervous. She was a little timid as she gave me one last kiss on the first day. But when I picked her up in the afternoon she said, "Mom- Kindergarten was so totally awesome. I'm not nervous anymore. It was just GREAT Mom!" Whew! AND she turned 5! 

6.  Ellie Snapshot of the Week:  Ellie is adjusting to being the only Sweeney kid at the YWCA. She keeps looking for Bennet and Scout throughout the day. And a photo from Labor Day. 

7. Read this book over our weekend in Chicago. Quick little spy novel.  

8. Then I read this. It's a combination of a coming-of-age story with an end-of-the-world type story. Different to say the least. 

9.  I want to fast forward to November 7 so the political garbage can slow down a bit. 

10.  Weekend plans include the Wausau Arts Festival and my father-in-law's 70th Birthday Bash! 

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