Thursday, April 12, 2012

10 Things on Thursday

1. I finished this book last weekend. Jane Austen it is not. Shameless lusty romantic fiction that isn't for the faint of heart? Check! EW called it "hardcore (and, per this lady, yowza! pleasurable) lady porn". You've been warned.

2. Those warm temps from mid-March are GONE! It has been in the 40's this week and Chill-e! 

3. I've been a fan of HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother for you non-fans) since day one but I am having the hardest time getting behind Barney's latest flame Quinn. She's cute. She's charming. She's just not working for me. 

4. Scout Snapshot of the Week: The girl loves Baked Beans. She would eat only that for dinner any day of the week if we let her. The other week at school everyone was done with lunch and off washing their hands. There sat Scout all alone in the lunch area. When our cook asked her if she was done she said, "Not yet Miss Char. I'm gonna sit here and finish these beans. I love them!" 

5. Bennet Snapshot of the Week: Has fallen in love with my trouser stockings and Ped socks. She wants to wear them all the time. Odd. 

6.  Ellie Snapshot of the Week: Insists on going to bed with a Sippy Cup filled with Ice water. Don't forget the cubes! She never actually drinks it as made evident from the melted cubes in the morning. Just dump out the water and start over each night. 

7. I totally want Cajun Chicken Pasta. Thinking of trying the Pioneer Woman's recipe because let's be honest- she could cook the phone book and I'd eat it! 


8. Watched this movie last week with the kids. It is the definition of a crapburger. UGH! Why James Marsden- why!! 

9. The only thing that saved movie night was the fact that Nick and I watched this after the kids went to bed. LOVED it! 

10. Bennet is having a friend sleep over Friday, Family friends birthday party on Saturday and who knows what will happen Sunday! 

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