Thursday, April 5, 2012

10 Things on Thursday

1. I finished this book last weekend. It was entertaining. If anything it made me want to read more historically accurate books about Abraham Lincoln and carry around a big ax. 

2. Does anyone have any tips for getting a 2 year old to let them brush their teeth? I swear this 2-man-pin-her-arms-down method we have going is not the best. 

3. Speaking of my 2-year old Ellie, she has her 2-year portrait session this Saturday. Only 2 months late. Not bad for the 3rd kid. 

4. I know I've said it before but it bears repeating. Happy Endings (Wed. on ABC) is hands down, without a doubt, 'wet-your-pants' funny. Plus- Damon Wayans's kid is in it. 

5.What I'm reading now. After this I'm taking a break from the slavery-themed novels. 

6.  Apparently alot of my friends had the same idea on the same day last year because there are a whole lot of newborns arriving right now.  I've been working on some new baby gifts. Cute little burp cloths. I used this tutorial. 

My samples: 

7. Scoutie-ism of the Week: We always talk about if we have too much of something (toys/books/clothes) that we should donate some to the less fortunate. We were talking about a co-worker of mine who just had her 5th baby. Scout's response - "Well that's just too many kids Mom. Miss Stacie should really donate some of them" 

8. Watched this movie with the kids this week. I think Nick and I enjoyed it more. The animation was amazing! 

9. After 6 years with the same pair of glasses I recently upgraded. My ears are still getting used to the new frames but I'm loving the antiglare lenses! 

10. Looking forward to watching the girls scatter for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt this Sunday. They are always so excited! 

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Casie Duberstein said...

Try one of the fun battery operated spin toothbrushes! My kids love them.