Friday, February 18, 2011

A Valentines Day to Remember

Last year for Valentine's Day weekend my entire family came to Wausau to meet a 3 week old Ellie for the first time. This year she spent Valentines Day in the hospital.

To say we've had a crazy couple of weeks is an understatement. Last week Scout was sick for 5 days with a fever of 105 and the flu. Last Friday Ellie started to get a little sick. By Monday she had stopped eating and drinking. As soon as I picked her up from daycare on Monday afternoon I knew she was very sick. I grabbed Bennet and Scout and headed off to our pediatrics department after hours walk in. (So very grateful for that). Nick met us there on his way back from Stevens Point. 

Along with her fever she had RSV with a double ear infection and pneumonia. She was having a very hard time getting enough oxygen. She was admitted to St. Clares Hospital that night where she was put on IV fluids, antibiotics and oxygen. 

I stayed with her Monday and Tuesday night while Nick maneuvered pick ups/drop offs, bedtimes and work with the older girls. Meanwhile I was/am fighting a nasty sinus infection for the last 2 weeks. Tuesday night sleep was fleeting for both Ellie and me. I figured since I was already at the hospital I might as well get some meds for Mom. :) 

Tuesday night

Nick took the night shift Wednesday so that I could spend some time with Bennet and Scout and try to get some solid sleep. I fell asleep at 8:15 p.m. and slept until 6:30 a.m. I felt like a balloon when you squeeze all the air out of it. I could finally exhale. 

I walked into the hospital room Thursday morning to find Ellie without the oxygen or IV. Even better than that- she was smiling for the first time in days. And I cried. Nick looked at Ellie and said, "See- I told you she was going to cry". I am so grateful for the wonders of modern medicine. My Dad (in classic Mike style) said, "In 1920 she'd be dead". So true- thank goodness we've progressed since the days of Oregon Trail.  

Thursday morning- a whole new baby. 
After 3 nights in the hospital we were finally able to make it home yesterday afternoon. She's doing great. She was visibly excited to see her room and crib, the kitties and her big sisters. It has been a tiring couple of weeks for our family. I have a whole new respect for those families who endure long term hospitalizations. It's so hard seeing little ones in pain.

Thank you to all our friends and family, real and online, for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. A special thanks to Sara Sweeney for helping watch the girls Monday night. And of course to the fantastic staff at Marshfield Clinic Weston Center and St. Clares Hospital.


Jeni said...

Oh sweeties! That story made me cry, too. So glad she is home and on the road to recovery!! Now - go get some sleep, Mama.

.jessica jo. said...

so glad that Ellie is all better and everyone is back home again. RSV is not fun at all - dealt with it twice. big hugs to everyone!

Lorie said...

so glad she is home. made me cry too. Love to you all.