Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Colors of my Heart- Valentine's Day Crayons

My thoughtful mother-in-law picked up this heart shaped silicone mold for me last year on clearance after Valentine's Day and I've been waiting nearly 365 to use it. I tried making these crayons last year and failed misearbly. I had read on a blog that you could use the much cheaper plastic candy molds to bake them. Well- not the molds I bought. My oven ate them alive. This year I went with the real deal.
Tips and Notes:
Crayons: I started with the mis-matched, broken and abused crayons from our stash. The first batch of co-mingled crayons worked ok. The second batch was all Crayola and it was far superior. The paper peels easier, they melt easier and cool more evenly.

Soak your crayons in ice water for 10-15 minutes and then peel. The paper comes off much easier and you don't end up with crayon under your nails.
We baked our crayons at 275 degrees for 10-15 minutes.

Once out of the oven we put the tray outside for 15 minutes. They cool pretty fast in Wisconsin

Bennet loved filling our her Valentine's. She made little hearts and smiley faces on them.
Here is the finished product. I printed the cards out from The Long Thread


Casie said...

I bought that mold this year and plan on making some too! I have way too many old crayons sitting around here and they need a new home!

Laurie! said...

Oh my gosh! What a cute idea!

By the way, you're featured on Cook Scrap Craft this week:

Kreibich Family said...

I've been looking for a non-candy/ non-edible craft for V day & this is it!!
we'll be making this tonite. Thanks for the note re: cheap plastic molds.
Thanks, mon ami!
(PS: There was a sale on ! so I bought them and used them all here!!!!). :D

Lorie said...

Kari==this is a wonderful idea! Sarah and I will do this over the weekend! hope I can find a mold :)

gottaluvboyz said...

These turned out GREAT!!