Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Glass is Half Full

I'm usually a Glass is Half Full kind of gal but the last couple of days have been draining!

I have a cold. And we all know that Mom's can't get colds.

Scout's been sick and feverish since Saturday.  Last night her fever spiked to 105 so she slept on one couch and I slept on the other. The poor girl was actually wimpering in her sleep. She still has a 102 temp so I'm taking her in.

This morning Ellie pulled my cup of coffee on herself and my laptop. Nothing like an absent minded mom to leave her coffee where she can scald her 1 yr old and take out the laptop. Ellie was scared but not hurt. The laptop is still functional.
Did I mention that this was ALL before 7:30 a.m.

Ok- enough whining. I feel like that SNL character Penelope that one up's everyone "I have 10 kids and they all had 109 degree fevers- in a snowstorm"

But there are some bright spots. My awesome boss called me back to tell me not to stress about coming into work. The sun is shining. I already snuck a shower in. And I'm learning Spanish thanks to the obscene amount of Dora and Deigo I've been exposed to the last 2 days :)


.jessica jo. said...

Its always good to learn a second language in case you have to fill out one of those "meet & greet" BINGO cards. :) Hope everyone feels better soon! If there is anything you need, just yell!

Casie said...

Sending lots of anti-viral vibes your way!!

Stacey said...

OMG. I get it. We were here the last few weeks with all the sickies. Oh, and the coffee incident is how I got my new camera. (Except it was Abby at about Ellie's age.) Don't you love these moments! LOL