Thursday, September 6, 2007

More Photos of Scout (and family)

I took this photo of myself Tuesday morning before work. My last belly photo. Scrapped it Tuesday night. Had Scout yesterday. Just crazy.

A rare photo with her eyes open. I think she looks a little like Bennet did as a baby but really has her own look too. Bennet picked out a duck balloon. Her favorite animal right now. She just chased it around yelling 'Caw Caw' Her version of quack quack.

The 4 of us. How cool is it to be able to say that. Nick and his girls.

B was more interested in my cell phone than her sister. Oh well.

Bennet in her Big Sisters Rock shirt. Nick being a goofball.

B sneaking a peek with cousin Meghan.

Scout Ann. So cute I tell ya! Grandma and Grandpa Sweeney

Grandma and Grandpa Trunnell


Carla said...

Wow - beautiful pictures! Nick and his girls. :) She does look a little more like Bennet in that picture today! Such beautiful photos and a wonderful family! Very proud grandparents too!

michelle lanning said...

awe she is beautiful! You all make such a gorgeous family!

Williams Family said...

What great pictures! You are amazing for keeping this updated. And I just love that you just scrapped that page - clearly, Miss Scout was just waiting for proper documentation to come out. You guys look wonderful - what a beautiful family!

Brenda said...

What awesome pictures! Bennet looks like a very happy big sister. I can't get over Scout's hair. I see some Bennet in her for sure but I think she resembles the Trunnell side of the family a little more. Glad to see everyone is happy and healthy! Have lots of fun with those two amazing girls. :)

Amy said...

Nick and his girls...I just love the sound of that. :) Congrats again, Sweeney clan, on your new addition. She is gorgeous, and your entire family is just beautiful!

No worries on B's cell phone fixation. Jack did the exact same thing. :)

Charlotte said...

such wonderful photos- so much love.

Melissa S said...

A family of 4! Beautiful!

andrealyn said...

Love the pictures!

Molly said...

Amazing, just amazing! From your night before scrap page to the timely arrival of Baby Scout!! Love all the pictures and stories! You are such a beautiful and blessed family, Sweeneys!!!