Monday, September 3, 2007


It seems like every day in September has some meaning. (Not to mention that it's one of THE best Earth, Wind and Fire songs EVER!) It's actually quite comical. Here is a list of friends and family with special days in September. Oh yeah- and we're due on the 23rd as well. :)

Sept. 1 - Travis and Karin W. 6th Anniversary
Sept. 2- Taylor Sweeney birthday, Grandma & Grandpa Kline's 68th Anniversary (68 years people!!)
Sept. 3- Nate & Amy due
Sept. 4- Duncan Sweeney birthday, Barb & Roger Sweeney's 42nd Anniversary
Sept. 6- Our 4th Anniversary, Matt & Amy B. 4th Anniversary
Sept. 7- Nate F. birthday, Kristin G. due
Sept. 9- Roger Sweeney's birthday
Sept. 14- Jonny L. birthday, Melissa S. birthday
Sept. 15- Kristin R. birthday
Sept. 16- Liz R. birthday
Sept. 18- Melissa & Justin H. 8th Anniversary
Sept. 19- Miranda H. birthday, Matt B. birthday
Sept. 22- Jeff & Beth and Dan & Becky's wedding
Sept. 22- Tony Sweeney's 40th birthday , Chris K. birthday
Sept. 23- Bill & Jody S. 7th Anniversary
Sept. 24- Matt H. birthday, Erin N. birthday
Sept. 25- Kelly D. birthday
Sept. 26- Ingrid C. birthday
Sept. 28- Amy M. birthday
Sept. 30- Bill & Apple 7th anniversary


Kristin said...

I was gonna ask where your due date was, but I see it's listed at the top. You should definitely add yourself to this list of MAJOR events! I would say that's a pretty important one! Have a great day!

Charlotte said...

so cool to add this to your blog, and it will be really neat to see when exactly your due date comes in this month of special events and days :)

Melissa S said...

He He He....Scout's birthday...September 5th...:)Just in case you want to edit it...Big Grin!