Saturday, September 29, 2007

At the Park with Grandma S.

Grandma Sweeney surprised Bennet with a trip to the park yesterday. It was a beautiful Indian Summer day. Not sure how many more days like that we'll have.

Earlier this summer B was a little afraid of the big swirly slide. She's go down too fast and didn't quite have the control she wanted. Last weekend when we went to the park she couldn't get enough of it. Up and down, up and down. I'm always amazed what a difference a week or two can do in terms of her comfort level and ability to do new things.

Bennet came home covered in head to toe with sand. In her shoes, down her pants, in her hair, under her nails. The next photos explain why.

Thank you Grandma! Bennet had a blast and I enjoyed getting a little cat nap with Scout.


Molly said... little wild sand woman!! Looks like she had a wonderful time at the park with Grandma! Glad you got a cat nap in, Kari!!!

Chere Nordstrand said...

I want to just lay in the sand and play like that! TOO FUN!

Carla said...

What great pictures! Bennet is just learning at a young age, the benefits of exfoliating her skin. :)

Williams Family said...

Fabulous pictures! I love the series of Bennet getting sand into every part of her body! Looks like fun.

Melissa S said...

Oh my gosh! Too funny! Me?? I would have cried if my kids did that...I am way too much of an anal neat freak...:) But that is just awesome that grandma took Bennet for some alone time that way you could have some alone time with Scout!

andrealyn said...

Looks like she had a blast!