Thursday, May 31, 2007

BrrrBaby Weekend in Wausau

A Memorial Day Weekend for the record books. I was lucky enough to have some friends come visit for the weekend. When I was pregnant with Bennet I met some women who were pregnant at the same time and due in December. I met up with some of them last July in Chicago (Carrie, Betsy and Carla) . The whole group still keeps in touch on a message board on a daily basis.

Carrie, her 4yr. old Dylan and 17 month old Colin (born the same day as Bennet) came all the way from Kentucky. Heather, her nearly 5 yr old Angela and 17 month old Heather (12/15) came all the way from Hanover, Ontario CANADA for a long weekend in Wausau (of all places ;))
They drove up from Chicago and surprised me at work on Friday. Totally surreal to see them outside my window. Friday night was pretty mellow- we just hung out.
Saturday we went to a picnic of sorts at Ma & Pa Sweeney's. Also went to the mall (Thrilling- I know) so the kids could play at the Play Center and Carla could get her Bath and Body Works fix.
Mom's and the little kids
Sunday we went out for a greasy, spoon breakfast- DE-LISH. The weather wasn't the best- but that afternoon we took advantage of the brief sunshine and went to the park.
We like to live on the edge in WI.
That night the ladies made cards. Nick made us froofroo drinks with the blender before it started to smoke and die. Ooh la la!

Monday the weather was gorgeous so we went to the Eau Claire Dells. The big kids had fun climbing on the rocks.
Our last night together (tears tears!) Oh- Carrie made me the COOLEST shirt. This babies nickname is Leg Lamp (Bennet was Truck). The front has a LegLamp box on it that flips up to reveal LL's ultrasound photo- so awesome

Tuesday morning Carla, Carrie and the kids were on their way back home. SOB!!! We had a wonderful weekend. Well- I won't speak for them- but I had a blast. Simply couldn't contain my tears the morning as they left. I'm blaming hormones but that's not why. I just wish all of us lived closer together because I gotta tell ya- BrrrBabies are irreplaceable.


JC/DC said...

I had tears hormones here. We had a blast. Thank you for hosting us!

Carla said...

No pregnancy hormones here either! But only a month til we meet again!! Next year in Hanover? :)

McFarland Family said...

Looks like the three amigas had a great time! I have a great idea....Brighton, MI next year. Right in the middle of all of you! Thanks for sharing pics.