Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

I made Scout and Ellie's outfits last year (for Bennet and Scout). Just one of the many perks of having 3 girls- hand me downs! I modified my friend Amy's tutorial HERE.

Santa I made Bennet's shirt for Christmas but it works for Valentine's Day too. Tutorial HERE.

And of course Spenser had to have a little handmade something too, so I made him a bowtie.
A-DORABLE! Of course he'll probably grow up to be a hard rock punk dude who only wears black and will look back at this photo in horror- but too bad :)


Robin said...

thanks for sharing the wonderful pics and outfits of your kids
Happy Valentine's Day

Casie Duberstein said...

I love Spenser's bow tie!! How cute!