Thursday, March 22, 2012

10 Things on Thursday

1.   I finished this book last week. I usually don't read a whole lot of suspense/mystery books but this book was outstanding! Reminded me of the movie Memento with a shot of crazy thrown in. 

2. Scout was sick most of last week. A horrible cough and high fever. Took her to the Dr. who confirmed influenza. Ugh.  All three still have a nasty cough. 

3. We have had record breaking high temps the last week or so. It was warmer in Wausau than Phoenix. We've broken 10 records in the last 9 days. 75 degree weather is bizarre!

4. Ellie is working on using the potty. She's getting #1 down but #2 is a challenge. I swear we just finished potty training Scout. Not a fun job- but someone's got to do it. 

5. Had Bennet's 2nd Kindergarten conference of the year last week. She's doing great academically and socially. Couldn't ask for more! 

6. I just finished this book. It was a great read although the ending felt really rushed. I don't understand why an author would take 500 pages building characters and story and then rush the last 20 pages. 

7. I think that that Lemonades may have replaced the Thin Mint as my favorite Girl Scout Cookie. I love lemon and mint so it may be too close to call.

8. Looking forward to watching this with the kids this weekend. How cool is it that I watched the Muppets when I was the same age my kids are now.  Love that. 

9. Speaking of movies- Nick and I are going to see The Hunger Games at the theater tomorrow. Can't wait!

10. This weekend: taxes, sewing, cleaning, yard work! 

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