Thursday, March 8, 2012

10 Things on Thursday

1. My mom came to visit last weekend. On Saturday went to story time at the library, the theater to see The Lorax, played in the snow and went out to dinner. I'm still tired! 
2. Last Wednesday we had a snow day. This Wednesday it was 51 degrees. Wisconsin weather for ya!
3. Could go for a Shamrock Shake right now. And french fries. And nothing else. 
4. I finished this book a couple of weeks ago.  FIVE stars. I highly recommend it. It made me realize that while I'm not necessarily a fan of watching baseball I am a sucker for baseball stories/movies. That being said- it's much more than a baseball book. Plus- it takes place in Wisconsin and the author is from Racine.

5. I finished this book last weekend. I had such high hopes. Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy- how could you go wrong? Well- this book did. Meh. Forced myself to finish it.

6. I'm reading this book right now and REALLY liking it.

7. If you're not watching the show Happy Endings you are missing out. Simply the funniest show on tv right now.  It takes us almost an hour to watch it because we're always pausing because we're laughing so hard.
8.  I had a layout picked up for the August issue of Scrapbooks Etc. Very excited!
9. For the last couple of months I've had a horrible time staying asleep. I go to sleep fine but wake up between 4:40-5 a.m. everyday and can't get back to sleep.
10. Getting excited for The Hunger Games movie.

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Wendy Rasbach said...

I am super excited for the Hunger Games movie too! It will be one of the highlights of my spring break. :) Big congratulations on the layout in Scrapbooks, Etc.! That is awesome!