Monday, August 25, 2008

Start the week off RIGHT!

I am out of town for two days and even though I'm writing this Sunday night I'm already missing Nick and the girls. Sappy gal that I am. So- to beat the upcoming Mopey Mondays- some of my new favorite photos.

This is Bennet at the Farmer's Market a couple of weekends ago. She's looking at my mom. This girl LOVES her grandparents.

Scout has really taken off in the walking department. I was hoping she'd be more of a mellow, lounge kind of gal. Nope- she's go go go like her sister.

I can't believe she turns 1 in less than 2 weeks! Nick and I laughed at her 'jazz hands' in this photo.


McFarland Family said...

Adorable as usual!

Tracey said...

That photo of Bennet is adorable and wow Scout a year old almost - where has the time gone, lovely pics hon, and I would feel the same about leaving my family too, not sappy at all, have a great week XXX

Williams Family said...

I hope these days go by very quickly - what wonderful photos! Such beautiful and happy girls.

The Comin Family said...

Love these photos!! The girls are such cuties!! Hope you are home already!!