Thursday, April 3, 2008

Day 172

I just realized that I never came back to tell my faithful blog readers whether or not I made the Scrap4Life DT. I didn't. But- to be honest I'm really ok with it. It was such a welcoming experience and I was thrilled to have made the final 10. This experience truly made me think outside the box and that alone is worth the price of admission. Maybe I'll try again in 6 months. We'll see.

Here was my last layout. The last couple of weeks I've been in a negative space kind of mood with clean, simple lines. I wanted to incorporate three different patterned papers without it getting overwhelming. This is what I came up with. Primary colors on a classic white background. I used different colored embrodery floss on the buttons. I wanted to try something different for the journaling component. For the journaling I printed it out on notebook paper and then left spaces so that I could handwrite certain words with red ink for pop.

Journaling: I didn't think it was possible. I'd given up hope. Trying to get a photo of the two of you where you were both looking at the camera and smiling was like trying to pry a kid out of a candy store. It took one committed mom (Ok- OBESSED!), two girls, thousands of shutterclicks and 172 days, but here it is. The money shot.

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Melissa S said...

Love it!!! Love the bright colors and your title...fabo!!