Monday, October 15, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Saturday was another beautiful day so we went to Wilkes Xtra Sweet Acres for a hayride and some pumpkin pickin' (Do you pick pumpkins? Anyways-)

Mark, Sara, Mallory, Meghan, Morgan and Grandma joined us.

Scout slept soundly on the bumpy ride.

Morgan, Grandma and Mallory
Nick helping Bennet get a better view of the cows. Mooooo cow!

Mark and Nick enjoying the chaos from a distance.

Nick and I always talk about how fearless Bennet is. Maybe too much so. She had no fear of the goats. She just grabbed a patch of dirt and sat there feeding them.

Open up Mr. Goat. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!

You have to keep an eye on her of she'll just wander off. :)


Amy said...

Fun times! Love B's sweater. Isn't fall the greatest?

Melissa S said...

Love Bennets sweater..and you look fab! Cute pics..looks like the day was a lot of fun!

Brenda said...

Bennet's sweater is so cute! She looks like she had a wonderful time.

Michelle Lanning said...

LOVE bennets - sweater - so adorable -- looks like you all had a ball!

McFarland Family said...

Ok I'll say it too, Bennet's sweater is adorable! Bennet is braver than Aiden when it comes to goats, he won't go near his Grandpa's goats.

Kristin said...

Great photos on such a beautiful day!

Crystal said...

Kari - you always have the best pictures and capture the greatest moments. :) Looks like a great day!

Dawn said...

Isn't Wilkes great!? Love that place. I've taken the boys there for the last 4 years. We'll be missing it this year though.

Carla said...

Great name for a pumpkin patch! ;) There are some awesome photos in this bunch! I love the one of Bennet walking through the corn maze!