Sunday, July 8, 2007

4th of July

We spent the 4th of July holiday in Elk River. The weather was wonderful. Had the chance to spend some time on the lake too. On the 4th of July some of my online friends (we were all due around the same time in Dec. 2005) came to spend the day. Carrie & Jonny from Lexington with their 2 kids Colin (Dec 21) and Dylan. Tommy & Andrea from Illinois (near St. Louis) and their 3 kids, Talan (Dec 6), Caitlyn and Connor. Carla & Greg from Ontario and their two kids, Heather (Dec. 15) and Angela. Of course I don't have one photo of the group of us from that day.

Sunset on Lake Orono
Matt & Katie on Firecracker Island

Megs and Matt

Did you know if you put Christmas lights in a fire it turns blue? Pretty cool.

Bennet LOVED the little swimming pool.

Splashing with Aunt Megs

Oooh Ahh!!!

Bennet really liked the fireworks. Woke up, watched and went right back to bed. :)

Helping Grandpa drive the pontoon. She took it very seriously.


JC/DC said...

CUTE CUTE pictures Kari. As always....Bennet is so darn photogenic!

andrealyn said...

I love that picture of Bennet at the end of the dock! Looks like it should be on a postcard! Something to think about.....