Monday, June 11, 2007

Summer at the Cabin

We spent the weekend at the cabin. I hadn't been there since last October, so it was long overdue. It was a much needed relaxing mental get-away. The weather was perfect too. Nick and Roger spent all day Saturday working on the boat. Changing the oil, installing an electronic anchor, battery charger and depth finder. She's purring like a kitten! The Sea Nymph is back in action.

Nick and I found a mouse hiding in the dresser in the bedroom. I pulled open the drawer to empty it and it was staring at us with it's beady little eyes. Of course we both shreiked like little girls. As if it would do any harm. So I'm hoping it decides to find a new home where we won't see it.

Bennet had a blast. Playing in the sand, peeling bark off the trees, and generally exploring everything in sight. It's so much fun to see her up there. This time last year she wasn't even crawling and now she just sprints down the hill. And to think this time next year they'll be two of them enjoying the Northwoods.

My favorite photo from the weekend.

Off to slay the fishes!


andrealyn said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm glad you guys had a great relaxing weekend!

McFarland Family said...

Looks like a relaxing weekend!

Carla said...

Wow - great pictures!! Looks like a great spot!

JC/DC said...

Wow....what amazing pictures! Is it actually possible she has grown in the past 2 weeks?????

Amy said...

So glad y'all had such a fun family weekend!