Wednesday, January 17, 2007

On Wisconsin

Each week I go to Eau Claire for the day for work. This week I took my normal road trip but extended it a little bit with an overnight stay. Essentially I'm making a big square across the state. To keep my occupied, I took photos. Tomorrow I'll head north, east and south.

Just west of Wausau there are several Amish/Mennonite communities. I often see horse and buggies or kids riding their bikes to school. I makes me remember how much I like electricity, but how at the same time I admire the simplicity of that lifestyle.

Close to Eau Claire (where I went to college!!) is Chippewa Falls, WI. Chippewa Falls, WI is famous for many things- but most importantly- Leinenkugel's Beer. It is soooo good! Creamy Dark is my favorite. Bonus point for you movie fans- Name the movie in which the lead character was from Chippewa Falls, WI and mentions Lake Wissota. Hint- The actor was nominated for 2 Golden Globes this year (didn't win) and the movie is the highest grossing of all time. Just for my friend Carla- PANERA!! My favorite place for WiFi and lunch.
And for my friend Lindsey. Check out this freaky mural at the Benjamin Moore store in Chippewa Falls. I think that's a rooster on his lap.

One more photo. I know what this sign is trying to say. But it's a classic example of small town signage.


Carla said...

What is Titanic, for $2000, Alex? We have those horse and buggy signs in our neighbourhood too!

Matt said...

You're going to Shell Lake? I went to band camp there. Man I'm a big dork.

McFarland Family said...

HAHAHA...Loved it Kari. I have to show Gary the Benny Moore sign, kind of creepy. Can't wait to see your adventures of today!