Sunday, September 28, 2008

Megan & Matt's Wedding

We had a wonderful weekend in MN celebrating Matt and Megan's nuptuals. Megan looked beautiful and Matt couldn't hide his excitement! The location was breathtaking, the music jumping and the company irreplaceable. It was clear to see how much Matt and Megan love each other and that made me all gooey!!

I took 300 photos but here are some highlights. My brother-in-law Matt (I'm going to have to find a way to distinguish between the Matt's since I now have 2 BIL's named Matt. Matt1 and Matt2?) has some great photos too. We looked like dorks walking around with our Canon Xsi :) We spent most of the day chasing the kids so I'm excited to get Matt's photos.

It was a long day but we had so much fun. Bennet and Scout danced and danced and danced! I had been growing Bennet's hair out since January for the wedding. What did I do? Had it cut into a little bob that day. She looks like a whole new kid and I love it! She didn't actually walk down the aisle but she was still adorable.
Megan with her popcorn. Classic.

The last Trunnell, my brother Gregg. Grandpa Bud and Mom.
Bennet's kissing ball

Family photo.

Gimme back my potatoes woman!
Grandpa was having a heart-to-heart with Bennet. The topic? Boys. Never too early to start.

Dancing with Dad.

More photos at

Saturday, September 27, 2008

More Sew Scrappy Class Layouts

I guess I'm going through a single photo layout stage. I just haven't been making the time (ha ha) to edit and resize photos like I like to.

I did some stitching inside this KI Memories Lace paper. Fun stuff.
JOURNALING: I had a rough day at work. One night we were sitting on the couch reading a book. All of a sudden you leaned up and gave me a kiss on the chin. you didn't know how perfect that chin kiss was or how it made my day. Some how you knew. Because that's who you are. Sweet and with your ever thoughtful and ever . . .

Yes, I know trees are all the rage right now. I'm a joiner what can I say? The photo is from Father's Day.

Some spirograph string art. Nick made fun of me for this but I like it. Thanks to my friend Char for the cool MM embellies!
Here is Scout at 9 months old. Only 4 months ago but oh how she's changed. I stiched the hearts to bring out the stitching on her shirt. I had leftover circle patterned fabric from some pillows I made for our guest room (now Bennet's room) so I used it as patterned paper and sewed it right to the page. The circles reminded me of bubbles. The sequins along the bottom don't scan very well.
I was a busy little bee making layouts for this class. See how many ideas you get with your Feeling Scrappy class? Here is Scout at 9 months old. Only 4 months ago but oh how she's changed. I stiched the hearts to bring out the stitching on her shirt.

I had leftover circle patterned fabric from some pillows I made for our guest room (now Bennet's room) so I used it as patterned paper and sewed it right to the page. The circles reminded me of bubbles. The sequins along the bottom don't scan very well.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sew Scrappy Class Layouts

My final class as a Creative Team member at Feeling Scrappy is coming to an end this weekend. I'll miss graduation since we'll be in MN for Megan's wedding. But. . . I thought I'd share some layouts. The next class is Sketchapoolza and starts Oct. 27th. I wouldn't miss it! The last sketch class was a-mazing!

You'll see LOTS of stitching, buttons and fabric in the next couple of posts.

Bloom and Grow- a photo of Scout in the car on Easter. I was insprired by a shirt Scout got for her birthday that had flowers like this. I used white chipboard flowers and stitched around the edges in various colors to add a little punch. It's hard to see in the large photo, but each corner is an eye hook. Used floss to create a little border.
I used a sketch from fellow CT member, Rachel Ricks, for this one. I have these pj's in two different sizes. Since both Bennet and Scout got use out of both sizes I wasn't crushed to cut it up for the cow and flower embellishments. Although Bennet saw the leftovers in the trash and gave me a sad face. Until she saw the layout to which she responded 'COW!!'
I love this photo of Nick and Bennet. The blue sky and white clouds behind them reflecting in the window. I handstitched the title.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fun Fall Day

This weekend the weather was gorgeous. I spent most of Saturday fighting a cold. Scout was sick last week so I think I caught whatever she had. Today I felt much better so we spent some time outside. The leaves are starting to change. I'd guess that in 2 weeks they'll be at peak. Here are some of my favorite photos from the day.

Bennet loves playing in the leaves. We hear alot of "mama look" "dada look"
This face cracks me up. It's like she's saying "You lookin' at me? I wasn't even in town that night" After Bennet saw Scout she said "Couty achoo". She then ran in the house and grabbed a kleenex. Sometimes she really can be a thoughtful big sister.
Scout's new favorite toy is the slide in the backyard. She is so proud of herself when she can get started by herself.
Every girl needs kitty rain boots. And wearing them with a dress is so in right now. I just love the look on her face. Genuine bliss.
Hello sunshine!

Hope everyone has a good week. This time next week my sister Megan will be a married woman!! We are looking forward to the celebration!

Friday, September 19, 2008

We CAN get along

Nick and I took the girls to The Mint today for our weekly lunch. We had a little brush with fame as we saw James Carville (Democrat), better known as the Ragin' Cajun and Mary Matalin (Republican) sitting at the counter ordering Wisconsin's finest Friday Fish Fry. They are in town for a Forum tonight at The Grand Theater. Pretty cool beans if you ask me.
In general, politics make me both uncomfortable and passionate. I hate debating politics with family and friends. Makes the hairs on my arms stand up. I'd rather talk celebrity gossip or swap recipes. Yet on the flip side there are certain political comments, procedures and images that make me have a 'Verbal Spout' about my opinion with ferver. Nick is usually on the receiving end and heard one last night :)
Don't get me wrong. I think voting is one of the most valuable and important rights that Americans have. I think doing research on both sides of the issue is also a responsibility. An uneducated vote based on rumored assumptions is one of those aforementioned 'Verbal Spouts'. At this stage of the campaign I'm pretty much sick of both sides and yearn for the commercials and "I approved this message' to stop ringing in my ears.

(Total side note. If I see one more fluffy irrelevant report about Sarah Palin's stylist or her glasses or the jacket she wore at the RNC I'm going to hurl. Seriously. There are bigger issues at hand here people. I know Entertainment Tonight has better things to do. I'm sure Britney is shaving something or Angelina is gestating again somewhere.)

Ok- back on track. Seeing James and Mary today got me thinking. That no matter what your political stance is, at the end of the day, we really can still get along. These two people are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum polically and find a way to have a happy marriage and raise two children.
So what is my point? I'm not sure. I guess it's just nice to be reminded that even if I don't agree with someone politically, you can still love them. And that at the end of the day the Elephants and Donkeys can play in the same pen together. Maybe if they played a little well together we'd all be better off.
Happy note- the election is in 45 days. Woo hoo! Then it's back to the HeadOn commericals.

Fun at the Park

We've lived in Wisconsin long enough to know that winter will be here before we know it. The leaves are already changing. This time of year we try to take advantage of those last lingering days of Indian Summer before the first flakes fall. A couple nights a week we do a super simple dinner so we can walk to the park before bathtime/bed.

Bennet still LOVES the swings.
However, she is still working on that whole sharing thing. Naturally since Scout was in the other swing that was exactly where she had to be. It wouldn't be fair to Scout to take her out so we put Bennet in. :) Bennet was not the happiest of campers. Sometimes you get what you ask for.
Scout on the other hand thought it was a hoot. No seriously- she was actually hooting :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Social Climber

Nick and I thought (Read: hoped) that Scout would be a mellow child. Nope. She's a climber. Up and into everything! Like her big sister she is all enegry. Go go go! Watch your back or she might pummel ya when you're not looking.

The video is sideways but you can see her climb UP the slide by herself. We should pad all the walls and invest in bubblewrap now.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Visitors from North of the Border

I have mentioned the BrrrBabies on several occasions For the details go Here, Here and Here. To say they are 'online' friends isn't true. And although I've only been able to meet a couple in person, they are true to life friends in every sense of the word.

A couple of weeks ago my dear friend Carla, her daughters, Angela and Heather, and her parents stopped in Wausau on their cross country trip. They are moving from Ontario to British Columbia. You see Carla's soon-to-be ex-husband is an infintile turd who, when the going gets tough- he gets going. Seriously- my Dad has a term for what he is. A term I don't use lightly but a very deserved term in this case. I could go on and on about what a total EXPLETIVE, EXPLETIVE he is but I'm done wasting my breath on the s.o.b. Did I mention he's a priest who basically abandoned his family? Anyways- onto happier things and more beautiful people, like my friend Carla.

Heather and Bennet loved the balloons at Buffalo Wild Wings (we call is B-Dub's: Anyone else call it that?)
After supper we went to the hotel Carla's parents stayed at and had a quick dip in the pool.

Angela. I asked her at dinner if she had seen anything cool on the drive and what her favorite part was. Her answer "The window was down and a beautiful breeze blew in that smelled like gentle flowers" She has a knack for words! All three girls were wearing plaid shorts. Not planned but very cute.

After the kids went to bed we were able to kick back with a beer and catch up. Carla was saucy! Nick even hung out with us for a little bit. Dangerous as that can be. Mmm. . . toast

Carla- it sounds silly to wish you luck because I know that you are going to flourish during this change. Each day will be a challenge, but I know you will not only meet it head on, you will kick it's butt! I love you and believe in you. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Scrappy Stuff

Some scrapbook layouts to start the week. I made this layout last winter but am just posting it now. I never tire of this photo of Bennet. I really should print out a copy and put it up at home for the autumn season. Speaking of autumn, we already have some leaves changing on our trees. Isn't that crazy?

JOURNALING: This is a common view I see when I look through a camera lens. And I never tire of it. The view of you running towards something- exploring. I have countless versions of it. But there is something extra special about this one. The sun shining brightly on your hair. The smell of the leaves. The sound of you swooshing through them. If I could stop time & bottle up how I felt at that moment I would. The more I look at this photo the more I love it. Your carefree spirit shining in the autumn light. And a layout with Scout. Or as she's called around our house- SCOUT MONSTER. I did this for a challenge over at Scrap4Life

JOURNALING: You love to squish your nose & do a hearty growl. We call it the Scout Monster. Every night before bedtime we hide in the back room downstairs and wait for you to growl and get us.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Like Totally Rad!

I saw this on my friend Jenney's blog and had to give it a whirl.

You Belong in 1985

Wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy. You're colorful at night - and successful during the day.

Like gag me with a spoon ok? I can see myself in the 80's. Without a doubt!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Love Love Love

Since I posted Scout's birthday pictures my sister Katie is happy :) (I love you Katie!) So I won't feel guilty about posting some scrappy stuff.
This is a little mini-album I made for Nick for our anniversary. The color scheme matches the ones we used in our wedding.

Everything except the 'years' is a rub on I printed my favorite photos of us in black and white and put them on the inside
I also did a quick little layout. In both the mini-album and layout I used a bunch of word rubons. I never know what to do with those big multisheet rub on kits. This was so fun.