Friday, August 29, 2008

Sew Scrappy- Still time!

The Sew Scrappy class on Feeling Scrappy is starting in a few days! We have a ton of fun ideas, assignments, challenges and tips in store for you in the class. It's all about using fabrics, floss, buttons and other notions on your scrapbook pages.

I have been hard at work putting together samples and organizing techniques. Check it out and sign up HERE. I hope to see some familiar faces in class!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Megan's Bachelorette

Not to freak my little sister Megan out too much, BUT she's getting married 4 weeks from Saturday. :) I guess I'd better get started on that display case project she wants me to do.

A couple weeks ago we had her bachelorette party in MN. We had a lot of fun. Some of us woke up with a wee bit of a headache but no worse for the wear. A little Olympic action on the big screen.
The Trunnell girls. Well- technically only one still has that last name. And only for 4 MORE WEEKS :)
Isn't that shot huge? It's a raspberry kamikaze and she chugged it like a pro. Better her than me.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Scout's 1st Birthday Invites

These are the invites I made for Scout's 1st Birthday party. Nothing too fancy but I loved the colors of this American Crafts line.
The party is on Sept. 6 at our house. If you're able to make it- you're invited!! It's also Nick and my 5th wedding anniversary (Happy 5th Anniversary to Amy & Matt Bell as well!!) so we plan on spending the day outside, weather permitting, just enjoying the celebration.

Start the week off RIGHT!

I am out of town for two days and even though I'm writing this Sunday night I'm already missing Nick and the girls. Sappy gal that I am. So- to beat the upcoming Mopey Mondays- some of my new favorite photos.

This is Bennet at the Farmer's Market a couple of weekends ago. She's looking at my mom. This girl LOVES her grandparents.

Scout has really taken off in the walking department. I was hoping she'd be more of a mellow, lounge kind of gal. Nope- she's go go go like her sister.

I can't believe she turns 1 in less than 2 weeks! Nick and I laughed at her 'jazz hands' in this photo.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


When I was in MN a couple of weeks ago I had the chance to meet up with one of my online scrapbook friends. I met Sara, screenname Soupdog, at a couple of years ago.

Last summer I posted a layout of my Grandpa K at a Memorial Day service in Monticello. Monti is 15 minutes from my hometown. She saw the layout and this started the conversation of MN We quickly realized that she lives in my hometown! Her son goes to the school my mom teaches at and she is friends with someone I was in band with in high school. It truly is a small world!

Our trips home are always jam packed with little room for any free time. We've always talked about meeting up but it never happens. This last trip I was able to sneak in a brief visit with her at Panera.

One of these times I'll make it to a crop at Blackwoods (Hi Kathy!) and I'll make sure she's able to join me! She's just as nice in person as she is online!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Scrappy Stuff

I've been slacking on blogging. Oops!! Here are a couple of my latest layouts. I am working on samples for the Feeling Scrappy Sew Scrappy class so I can't share those yet. It is going to be such an amazing class. Seriously- don't miss it.

Our Back-To-School crop has been postponed. It was originally scheduled for tomorrow. Stay tuned for the new date.

Nick at the cabin in July. I am diggin' the circle paper. This is a pretty personal layout and I debated whether or not to post it. But. . .I'm pretty much an open book aren't I? I always preach about how therapeutic scrapbooking is for me and I'd be both the pot and kettle if I didn't share it.
I have to get some photos of the girls posted. And some from my sister Megan's bachelorette party. Only the tasteful ones :)

Happy Annibirthday!

My sister Katie turned the big 3-0 yesterday and along with my brother-in-law Matt celebrated her 3rd wedding anniversary! We hope you had a memorable day. Like I said- 30 is actually really awesome. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MATT & KATIE!!!

Wow- I can hardly see you with the LOUD wallpaper! I don't care what anyone says- we've got mad fashion skillz! I love the one pant leg rolled.
Matt- you are hot. That's all there is to it.
May 25, 2001. Ah- the day that will live in infamy Thank heavens for loud mouth soup!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Scrap 4 Life August Kit

I'm back with more goodies from my Guest Designer stint at Scrap 4 Life with the August Kit. I'm not much of a card maker so this is always a stretch for me. Although I do like how the first one turned out.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On the Move Again

Last Tuesday, August 5th, on her 11 month birthday, Scout took her first step. Just one. The next day she took 2. This is a little video from Monday. I have Jim Croce's 'Time in a Bottle' in my head. I would love to slow time a little bit. It's hard to believe she's almost a year old!

There's a little bit of Bennet riding her new bike. I kind of ran over the tire on the old one.

On the Move

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hit the Books

It's a new month which means new challenges at Feeling Scrappy. Come join the fun!!!

Since it's nearly back to school time we are hosting a crop on Friday, August 22nd. It starts at 10 a.m. and runs all day. Don't worry if you have plans Friday, the challenges, tutorials and games will run all weekend!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

I love the Olympics

I LOVE the Olympics. As soon as I hear the theme song, with those trumpets blaring my heart does a little leap. I have such a vivid memory of the 1984 Games in Los Angeles. Oh Mary Lou! (Bela too!) I remember sitting in the living room on the floor with my legs and fingers crossed as she went for her final vault. She needed a perfect 10 to be the 1st American to win the Gold in the all around She took off with a burst, I held my breath. And she nailed it!! She stuck that landing. She won the gold by.05 points. I was so excited. Of course I had a matching USA flag leotard and NO I'm sure my mom doesn't have a photo of me in it.

Enjoy the Olympics!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fun Technique

I saw this technique on my friend Tracey's blog and had to teach it in the Feeling Scrappy Paper class. It's so easy. Circles, doublesided paper and some folding and you're all set. I wonder which friend will be receiving this card? :)
Right now I'm working on some fun techniques for the SEW SCRAPPY class starting in September. It is going to ROCK!! Don't be misled by the name "sew" scrappy. There's more than just sewing.

We've included all sorts of fun ideas and techniques from the sewing section...crochet, using items found in your sewing box, and so much more. Thread, buttons, fabric, pins- you name it!

If you don't sew, don't worry! We will have step-by-steps to walk you through it all. We have so many ideas and techniques that we are having a hard time fitting it all into one class so Jayne decided to teach a class all about ribbon at later date and...the best part...Feeling Scrappy is planning to have it's first ever FREE mini class!! So be sure to check in later for more info about that. It will be held later on this month.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Scrap 4 Life Guest Designer

I've been bursting at the seams but now I can share my excitement. I've been chosen as the Guest Designer for Scrap4Life for August. If you haven't checked out this site I highly recommend it. I've been participating in challenges there for 5 months and love it. Their kits are top notch and the community is very welcoming.

I had the opportunity to work with their August kit. The kit had bold colors with polka dots and stripes. You know how I love spots.

Journaling: In large part to my siblings. Who I am today is due to my childhood with them. Our everyday adventures turned into priceless memories. Those memories that make your stomach ache from laughter. The stories that get more embellished over time. Growing up I didn't realize how lucky I was to have them. But as an adult I realize how blessed I am to have such awesome siblings. JOURNALING: This spring you were so excited to help plant flowers in the window box. You came with me to the nursery & chose the colors. Red, pink and white. You climbed right up and said 'I help' You started getting the soil prepped or planting. Filling up your pail, picking it up with great determination and emptying it in the bucket. Now that the petunias are planted, every day you get your little red watering can and help feed them.

We celebrated the Sweeney July birthday's at the cabin this year. Morgan- 11, Nicole- 16, Nick- 34 (Bennet snuck in)
Isn't she cute?

JOURNALING: You are such a happy baby. When I walk in the room you get a huge smile on your face and crawl as fast as you can towards me. After a long day you remind me that life is good.

I finally got around to scrapping my 30th birthday. I'll be 33 in Nov :)

JOURNALING: On my 30th birthday I was 8 month pregnant with B and ready to say goodbye to my 20's. A decade of milestones- college, jobs, travel, love, house, marriage. . . I'm truly excited for my 30's Bring it on. I'm ready for the next 10 years of memories, firsts. . . all of it.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Positively Paper

Now that the Feeling Scrappy Positively Paper class is over I can share some layouts. We had a great group of students in this class. It went so fast though. Can you believe it's August?

I think this is my favorite layout of the batch. I did some fussy cuts from 1 piece of patterned paper. JOURNALING: Miss B. I love everything about this photo. It captures you perfectly. Your bare feet raised up off the floor- always on the move. Your kitty in your hand- always together. Your glowing smile- always lighting up the room. The whole package is just. . .

(Photography by Brenda Erickson. Check her out! She does beautiful work. For you locals- try her and tell her I sent ya!)
I did paper pleating on this one. The story of Scout's birth. (sniff sniff- she'll be one in a month!) I made these squares from little pieces of similarly colored scrap paper. Fun stuff!
I love my eyelet setter. Granted I don't use many eyelets anymore but I do use it to create this fun see-through look. I think it adds a fun texture.
Be sure to check out the next Feeling Scrappy class. Sew Scrappy will teach you all about how to incorporate buttons, thread, fabric, and notions into your pages. If you've never taken an online class before this is the perfect one to start with. Don't be intimidated. I promise- it's very easy to figure out and you can work at your own pace. Plus you get tons of support and egoboosts from the Creative Team and fellow classmates. Come on- enroll already!! You'll make the honor roll I guarantee it!