Monday, October 22, 2012

What's in a Name?

So what's up with Spenser spelled with an 'S' instead of a C you ask? Well- here's the story behind the name.

All of our kid's first names are after our favorite literary characters with family middle names. We wanted to give them names after strong, confident and unforgettable characters.

Bennet  Leona is named after Elizabeth Bennet in Pride & Prejudice. Leona was my Grandmother's name. When I was 12 one of my Scholastic Book order books, 'Just a Little Bit Lost' had a female character named Bennet in it. My Jane Austen love spiraled from there.
Scout Ann is named after Scout Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. And the name fits her to a T! Ann is my middle name.
Eleanor Margaret is named after lots of Eleanors. Elinor from Sense & Sensibility, Ellie from the book Contact, Eleanor Roosevelt and even Ellie from the Movie 'Up'. Margaret is Nick's Grandmother's name and my Great-Grandmother's name.

And then there is Spenser Nicholas. Spenser comes from the character in the Robert B. Parker series of 40 books. Spenser is a private detective from Boston with a smart mouth, a soft spot for his one and only lady love and Scotch. He says the Spenser with an 'S' is like the poet. Nick's family devours the books- passing them from family member to family member. My brother-in-law Tony has a puppy named Spenser too- so it's a family thing.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Welcome Spenser Nicholas!

Mitten has arrived and it's a BOY!

He decided to make his entrance unexpectedly 5 weeks early- but he's here and doing great so far. I wanted to get his arrival story written before it becomes more of a blur.

Walking into surgery. That was a first.

I was feeling pretty crappy on Tuesday night. Just couldn’t get comfortable. Lots of pressure in my chest of all places. Nick and Mark were downstairs laying floor in the new office. He said he could hear me cursing on the couch but just kept his space. I worked on some journaling for a scrapbook layout and went to bed early. 

Around 4 a.m. I woke up to wet pants and a slight trickle. I changed and went back to bed. When I woke up around 6:15 a.m. I was wet again. But nothing else was really happening. We got everyone ready for the day and off to work/school. Spenser was REALLY active that morning which was was abnormal for that time of the day and I was a little crampy- but nothing to note. I was standing in the hallway at work getting ready to go to an offsite grant writing workshop and had another tiny burst. As soon as I got in the car I decided to be responsible and go to Aspirus Hospital and get checked out. I figured better safe than sorry.

I didn't tell Nick or work where I was going until I knew that something was really happening. I had never been to this hospital so in addition to actually finding the right department They did an AmniSure test to verify if my bag had broke and after 5 long minutes of waiting we saw 2 lines instead of 1. That meant I wasn't going anywhere. That's when I called Nick. (10 a.m.)

And before we knew it we were off to welcome our 4th and final child to the family. However, my new O/B was on vacation so my 4th child was delivered by a 4th O/B. I wish I could have frozen the looks on Nick and my face when we heard, “We have a winky. It’s a BOY!” My eyes just welled up with tears and I'm pretty sure I uttered "Holy s$%!".  At 2:11 p.m. on Wed. Oct. 17 we welcomed all 5 lbs.8oz. and 17 1/2 inches of Spenser Nicholas.

Since he was born a little early he was taken to the NICU to deal with some pulminary hypertension. Once they were able to take the CPAP off he's been much happier. We haven't been able to hold him yet, but we're staying patient and hoping that today will be the day. I think once we can really hold him and smell him it will seem more REAL! 

The girls are smitten and cannot wait to get him home. Ellie just wants to hold him and show him Dora. Bennet keeps reminding her that his name is Spenser, NOT Mitten. And Scout is entralled by his little feet and hands!

We are blessed!


Friday, October 5, 2012

Seven Months

I haven't really been able to scrap much lately because my scrap area looks like this:
instead of the 'normal' this: 

We are still working hard on our basement remodel with the hopes of having it done before Mitten makes his/her arrival in less than 2 months

Making my 7 month layout had been on my "Want To Do" list for a week or so and it was bugging me to have it still listed- so. . .  I carefully carved out space enough to crawl over the chair and pile of stuff to get into my Scrap Cave the other night to finish it.

TITLE: Seven Months
Journaling: My due date is two months from today. I am still feeling good and getting around pretty well. You really like to move around ALOT at night and put on a show for your Dad.  I think you still have plenty of room because you tend to roll from one side of my belly to the other & back again. Your Dad & Uncle Mark have been working so hard in the basement trying to get our home ready for your arrival. It will continue to be a busy, whirlwind time, but I am confident that we’ll get it done in time to bring you home. 9/21/12.