Thursday, April 19, 2012

10 Things on Thursday

1. I finished the Fifty Shades triology. So much smut. :) 

2. What a rainy/cloudy/cold week. May flowers can show up anytime! 

3. I've already started brainstorming on handmade Christmas gifts. I'm kind of pathetic aren't I? 

4. Bennet Snapshot of the Week:  Proud that she's mastered the Netflix on the PS3. Scout and her have been watching some weird horse cartoon and My Little Pony. It's only a matter of time before she asks for one of her own. 

5. Scout Snapshot of the Week:  She's been a little sassy this week. I think she's been feeling a little bit left out lately. I'm hoping to sneak some one-on-one time with her this weekend. Perhaps a trip to McD for fries and a shake. 

6.  Ellie Snapshot of the Week:  I think we're getting closer to her first haircut. It's getting so long. I'm putting it off because I know once it's cut she'll immediately look that much older. 

7. I am REALLY looking forward to next weekend when we go to MN. I have missed my family. Especially my sisters! 

8. Watched this movie last weekend with Nick. We both liked it. They billed it as a comedy but I think it's more of a dramedy.  It is about cancer after all. I hate when movies that are clearly NOT comedies are billed as such. Ex: The Family Stone, Dan in Real Life. Bawl-your-eyes-out movies are usually NOT comedies. 

9. Speaking of cancer- this is my current book

10. Nick is off to the cabin to finish preparing the boat for the summer. The girls are I are going to attack the basement and get ready to donate some clothes/toys.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Snap Shot

I participated in the ScrapFreak Freaky Friday challenge that asked us to incorporate frames into our layout. I wanted to capture the things that Ellie is into RIGHT NOW.  I used my October Afternoon label stickers and took the negative from my journaling spots and framed the patterned paper. 

For the journaling I simply ran my journaling through the printer on regular printer paper first. Then I sized up the sticker, stuck it on and re-ran it. Then cut out the completed spot and glued to the page. Piece of cake! 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

10 Things on Thursday

1. I finished this book last weekend. Jane Austen it is not. Shameless lusty romantic fiction that isn't for the faint of heart? Check! EW called it "hardcore (and, per this lady, yowza! pleasurable) lady porn". You've been warned.

2. Those warm temps from mid-March are GONE! It has been in the 40's this week and Chill-e! 

3. I've been a fan of HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother for you non-fans) since day one but I am having the hardest time getting behind Barney's latest flame Quinn. She's cute. She's charming. She's just not working for me. 

4. Scout Snapshot of the Week: The girl loves Baked Beans. She would eat only that for dinner any day of the week if we let her. The other week at school everyone was done with lunch and off washing their hands. There sat Scout all alone in the lunch area. When our cook asked her if she was done she said, "Not yet Miss Char. I'm gonna sit here and finish these beans. I love them!" 

5. Bennet Snapshot of the Week: Has fallen in love with my trouser stockings and Ped socks. She wants to wear them all the time. Odd. 

6.  Ellie Snapshot of the Week: Insists on going to bed with a Sippy Cup filled with Ice water. Don't forget the cubes! She never actually drinks it as made evident from the melted cubes in the morning. Just dump out the water and start over each night. 

7. I totally want Cajun Chicken Pasta. Thinking of trying the Pioneer Woman's recipe because let's be honest- she could cook the phone book and I'd eat it! 


8. Watched this movie last week with the kids. It is the definition of a crapburger. UGH! Why James Marsden- why!! 

9. The only thing that saved movie night was the fact that Nick and I watched this after the kids went to bed. LOVED it! 

10. Bennet is having a friend sleep over Friday, Family friends birthday party on Saturday and who knows what will happen Sunday! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Being a Girl Means

I love this photo of Bennet from last summer. Wearing a very girly pink satiny ruffle skirt while fishing off the pontoon. Leg up for balance. Who says you can't do both? I added a stitched circle because, well, because I love sewing on layouts. 

 I lifted this layout by April Foster-pinned here 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Found it! - Happy Easter

I always put off scrapping Event/Holiday photos. I much prefer scrapping the everyday moments. But considering that Easter is this Sunday I figured it was time to get some photos from last year scrapped. I had zero motivation to be original which is why I totally scraplifted this design. 

On a side note- you would figure with 3 girls that I'd have TONS of pink paper. Nope. As I went to my scrap paper pile it was tough finding enough pink to use. I love Scout's face in the photo on the right. "Woo hoo!"

Thursday, April 5, 2012

10 Things on Thursday

1. I finished this book last weekend. It was entertaining. If anything it made me want to read more historically accurate books about Abraham Lincoln and carry around a big ax. 

2. Does anyone have any tips for getting a 2 year old to let them brush their teeth? I swear this 2-man-pin-her-arms-down method we have going is not the best. 

3. Speaking of my 2-year old Ellie, she has her 2-year portrait session this Saturday. Only 2 months late. Not bad for the 3rd kid. 

4. I know I've said it before but it bears repeating. Happy Endings (Wed. on ABC) is hands down, without a doubt, 'wet-your-pants' funny. Plus- Damon Wayans's kid is in it. 

5.What I'm reading now. After this I'm taking a break from the slavery-themed novels. 

6.  Apparently alot of my friends had the same idea on the same day last year because there are a whole lot of newborns arriving right now.  I've been working on some new baby gifts. Cute little burp cloths. I used this tutorial. 

My samples: 

7. Scoutie-ism of the Week: We always talk about if we have too much of something (toys/books/clothes) that we should donate some to the less fortunate. We were talking about a co-worker of mine who just had her 5th baby. Scout's response - "Well that's just too many kids Mom. Miss Stacie should really donate some of them" 

8. Watched this movie with the kids this week. I think Nick and I enjoyed it more. The animation was amazing! 

9. After 6 years with the same pair of glasses I recently upgraded. My ears are still getting used to the new frames but I'm loving the antiglare lenses! 

10. Looking forward to watching the girls scatter for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt this Sunday. They are always so excited! 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sing talk gab chat Sing!

I made this layout for a Freaky Friday challenge at ScrapFreak that asked us to incorporate Infographics into our design.

Scout LOVES to sing. I swear if she's awake she's singing. So much so that I often hear Bennet say, "Scoutie- can you stop singing for a little bit PLEASE!" She's usually making up songs about the adventures that we're going on. Most of the time she's even singing in key. I guess that's the one up side of hearing a song over and over and over and over. . .