Saturday, May 31, 2008

Feeling Scrappy Embellishment Class

Now that the fabulous Feeling Scrappy Embellishment Class is over I share some layouts. It really was a great class. I think everyone walked away with knowledge of a new, interesting technique on embellishments. I had a blast!

This is an example of using brads/eyelets in a shape. I did this layout for a challenge at Scrap4Life as well.

I did some masking here for the title. And a little handstitching for the snowflake.

I made the eggs out of chipboard and then turned them into buttons.

The swirl on the left is chipboard that I layered with patterned paper. Adds some dimenstion. I also added some rubons to the photos.
The next class is Positively Paper. Now if you're anything like me you love all the variety of scrapbook papers. And if we are honest - how many of us have more then we will ever be able to use? I have some paper that I like so much that I'm afraid to cut it. :) The class will focus on creative ways to use all that beautiful paper! Don't miss this awesome one month class starting on July 7, 2008! For more information check out this link: Feeling Scrappy Positively Paper

Friday, May 30, 2008

Tall Oaks Retreat

Tomorrow I am getting outta dodge. Heading north for some much needed R&R or as this scrapbooker would say, some C&C (Crop and Chat). Ha- I crack myself up. I am joining some friends for an overnight crop.

Wanna know more? You do? Read on. . .

My friend Casie and her husband just built a beautiful crafters getaway retreat just north of Minocqua. It's called Tall Oaks Retreat

The list of ammenties is a mile long but here is what I'm looking forward to:

  • Onsite Computer and printer with wireless
  • My very own 5 foot table
  • Access to a BigShot and Cuttlebug
  • Perhaps sleeping past 6 a.m. for the first time in 9 months :)
  • Creative time with friends

See you on Sunday with a slew of new layouts!! I plan on coming back a totally stress free lady.

Peace- K out.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Sunshine

I snuck in some scrap time over the holiday weekend. Enjoy! I used the new Inque Boutique papers and I MUST get some more. They are wonderful. I did this page for 2 challenges (I am totally a double dipper). The first is Amy's Change of Perspective Challenge over at FeelingScrappy and the other is Elizabeth's Product (flowers) challenge at Scrap4Life

The rub ons I used for the title have been in my stash for at least 2 years. I knew the perfect layout would come along for them.

Scout- March 2008

Monday, May 26, 2008

Scout's Portraits

Classic 2nd child syndrome. We didn't get around to getting Scout's 6 month photos done until she was 8 months old. Oops!

My coworker and friend Julie's cousin Brenda Erickson took the photos. Her studio is in her home and she's local to the area. Doesn't she do an amazing job? We had her take Bennet's two year portraits and loved her work. We highly recommend her for child and baby photos. Just drop me an email and I'll forward her phone number/email onto you.

These are our favorites. It was hard to narrow them down.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Exploding Box

I made an exploding box for my mom for Mother's Day using the new Adorn It Woopsie Daisy collection. Of course I forgot to take photos of it once I added the photos of Bennet, Scout, Nick and me but you get the general idea. I had so much fun making this. It's quick and easy so I think I'll be making more soon!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Spring Scrap!

I've had some major changes at work in the last two weeks. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law sold the business I work for to new owners. It's a great change and I am excited for the new opportunity but it still brings along stress, as any change does.
I've always found scrapbooking to be both a creative outlet and a stress reliever to me. I've been NEEDING to wrap my hands around paper, photos and embellishments more than ever the last couple of weeks. I'm wrapping my arms around Nick and the girls too :)
Here are some of my latest layouts.

Photos from Rib Mountain last Oct. I did some handstitching for the half circle and inside the felt border.

Our family photo from St. Patrick's Day
Our generous neighbors gave us some clothes for Bennet that their daughter Ella had outgrown. Since they refused money I made them a frame. Their living room is similar to this orange color so I thought it would match well. The 'Family' is a rub on I put on the glass.
Thanks for looking! Leave a comment and say hello!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


One of my more recent layouts that I did for a challenge at Feeling Scrappy and Scrap4Life.

To be honest this layout did not end up like I'd hoped, but you win some you lose some. The main point is I have a record of Bennet's favorite books at the moment. She is in L-O-V-E with books.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Mother's Day

Happy belated Mother's Day! Life is moving really fast lately so I'm just getting to this now.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. My first as a mom of 2. Bennet planted a fragrant lilac flower with Amy at daycare. Amy said she loved putting the dirt inside. I went to pick her up and she came sauntering down the stairs proudly holding the pot in both hands. It was downright adorable. She said "Happy Mama for you" She was so proud of herself. Just had this 'I did it' smile. Everyday she points to it and says, "Mama purple flower" Still proud.
Sunday Nick and the girls made me Chocolate Chip panckaes. Oh nothing beats chocolate in the morning!! We spent the rest of the day relaxing. I couldn't ask for anything more than that.
Here is a common sight at our house- both hands full.
Although it's rare that Scout looks so somber. She's usually a smiley kid. Even my baby brother called to wish me a happy day. Now wasn't that sweet? (He's 25 and single :))

Saturday, May 10, 2008


I made this card awhile back and never posted it. The best part is I was able to use a bunch of supplies I've had for awhile. Attached the charm with floss and added some bling to the blossom. The pink along the top of the purple paper is actually thin pink elastic.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

National Scrapbook Day

Last weekend was National Scrapbook Day. Yes- laugh all you want. There really is a day set aside for Scrapbooking. Someone once told me that there are more scrapbookers than golfers. Anyhoo- here are some recent layouts.

I kept this pretty simple with clean lines. I wanted the focus to be on the photo. Thanks to Crystal, Beth and Carla for their title input. :)

This layout has some hidden journaling behind the photo. There is a little stitching in the corners. I'm on a big stitching kick lately.

Mmmm . . . cake! I have had this paper in my stash for ages so I handcut the circles out of it.

A quick, simple layout of the day Scout was born. I painted the chipboard brackets and added a little velvet ricrak to the top.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New Challenges

It's a new month which means new Challenges over at FeelingScrappy. My friend Rachel said it best- 'I love that being challenged gives me the focus and push I need to get pages done'

Head to Feeling Scrappy and then click on the Message Board icon.

I am hosting the Ad Challenge and have 3 great ads to choose from. Here is a sample of what I came up with.

I am also hosting a Photography Challenge which is focused on taking a self portrait.

There are several other challenges too! For every challenge you complete you increase your chances of winning the prize this month which includes 20% off the Positively Paper class in July! Here is the prize.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Ocho

Today Scout is 8 months old. Holy moly guacamole! I realized that when our short summer is over she'll be 1. Craziness.
  • Putting everything in her mouth.
  • No teeth yet. I don't think she's anywhere close to getting any.
  • Army crawling EVERYWHERE. The girl's got wheels!
  • Playing with the Little People dollhouse.
  • Grabbing Bennet's hair. In general she wants to be wherever Bennet is.
  • Growling. She growls like a frog. It's adorable and freaky at the same time

Thursday, May 1, 2008

5 5 5 things

Tagged by my super fun neighbor Charity.

5 things on my to do list…
1. Transfer clothes from the closets to storage and vice versa. Poor Bennet still has 18 month shirts in her drawer
2. Clean my house. It's leading the pack in the Dirtiest House in Wausau contest. Not a contest I want to win.
3. Pay bills
4. Laundry. I will actually do it, fold it and put it away. I will, I will.
5. Get a haircut. I'm lookin' shaggy.

5 Snacks I Love…
1. Chips. Every single kind of chip.
2. McDonald's french fries
3. Nachos w/cheese (oops- that's a chip again- oh well)
4. Chocolate (twix, snickers)
5. Point Black Cherry Cream Soda and Vanilla ice cream floats.

5 things I will never wear again.
1. A white bra under a black dress. Camera flashes are not a good thing.
2. A bikini
3. Socks w/sandals (Shhh. . . everyone has their moment)
4. A cloth hair scrunchie. I doubt my hair will ever be that long again.
5. My wedding dress. Unless we reconfirm our vows or something.

5 Things I would do if I were a Billionaire…
1. Pay off debt.
2. College for the kids.
3. Buy a house up north.
4. World vacation.
5. Donate to ABC Extreme Makeover Home Edition (Oh how I cry at that show!)

5 Bad Habits…
1. I'm a potty mouth.
2. I tend to gossip.
3. I putz/pick at my fingernails and cuticles
4. I stretch myself too thin
5. I leave my curling iron on in the morning.

5 of my favorite toys…Nostalgics
1. Stawberry Shortcake dolls
2. My first bike- Blue Angel with tassles and a banana seat
3. LiteBright
4. Big box of 64 crayons (w/built in sharpener!)
5. Hungry Hungry Hippos

I'm supposed to tag 5 people. But I just can't narrow it down so you're all off the hook!

ScrapStreet Magazine

I have a layout featured in ScrapStreet magazine this month.

An American Hero (Pg. 14)

(MattN- Look at the credits section. Mad props to you!)