Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Final Countdown to Baby Thermos

Well- we end 2009 at 35+ weeks. Here is my 8 month layout.
TITLE: 8 Months

Journaling: We end the month of December at 35 weeks. If you're like your sister Scout you could join us in a little over 2 weeks. The month was filled with holiday baking, wrapping and relaxing. I am starting to geel very big and sleep is becoming more elusive. It's hard dealing with baby hormones during this time of year. I tend to get sappy & tearful about everything. Our last Christmas together as a family of 4. Your crib is ready. Your tiny clothes are hanging in the closet. Your name has been narrowed down. Now we just wait until the day we meet you.

TITLE: The Truth Is

I love this layout. The design came to me when I was in that half awake half asleep space. My main goal of this layout was to highlight the good and bad parts of my current pregnancy. I really wanted to focus on the story with a complimentary photo. It was very important to me that I include handwritten journaling as well.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Cried Alot Today

Bennet and I had a special 'Mom and B Date' today to see The Princess and the Frog. Turns out I can't keep my hormones in check because I cried alot.

She voluntarily took my hand in hers as we walked across the parking lot to the movie.

I cried.

She told me as she jumped up and down, "I'm so excited for our date Mom"

I cried.

While holding her little snack pack of popcorn, soda and candy she said, "I love you Mom" and leaned in for a kiss.

I cried.

Out of the blue she said, "Thanks for taking me to the movie theatre Mom. It's the best day ever"

I cried.

Sometimes I look at her and it's hard to believe she's 4. Hard to believe that my first is already becoming such a little person. Full of attitude and thoughtfulness at the same time. Just when I think I couldn't possibly love her more. . . she wants to hold my hand.

I cried.

She probably won't remember our special date. But I will. I'll remember that in those final weeks before Thermos made his/her debut I was able to sneak away with her for an afternoon. And it will probably make me cry.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Friday Fill Ins


1. My boots are kind of girlie and probably won't stand up to all the snow this winter.
2. Wireless internet is one of the best inventions of this century.
3. Imitation crab meat is simply imitation. Tasteless imitation
4. Give me a call and we'll talk
5. I'd like to thank Nick helping make Christmas so special for our family.
6. I'm a wee bit uncomfortable at this stage and I'm just going to get over it
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to celebrating Christmas at the Sweeney's, tomorrow my plans include braving the after Christmas sale at Target and Sunday, I want to do a whole lotta nothing!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Daily December- Dec. 20-22

More Daily December pages. Right now I'm planning on going through Dec. 25th or 26th so there are only a few days left. I have to tell you how much fun I'm having this year putting this album together. Last year's album felt like a chore but this year I am actually looking forward to each event, each page. I know that next December I'll be back working full time (knock on wood) and I may not find this project as enjoyable, but for now I'm loving it.

Sunday, December 20

Lots of journaling for today's page.

Monday, December 21

Bennet's 4th birthday. A new haircut and a revitalized, fever free kid.

Tuesday, Dec. 22
I am going to feature a project that Nick has been working on since Thanksgiving. He's been woodworking something for the girls for Christmas and it isn't quite done yet.. Almost. . .

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

34 weeks- Countdown to Thermos

I am 34 weeks pregnant today and it's safe to say that I am definitely bigger this time around. I've gained the same amount of weight and am measuring correctly but my belly is giving Santa Claus a run for his money. As Nick put it (lovingly), "Wow- it's just round!"
The left side of the photo was taken at 40 weeks with Bennet. We were on our way out the door to the hospital to have her and snapped this last photo.

The right side of the photo was taken today. I'm never wearing these jeans again. Good gravy- look at that caboose!

We do not have a date for Baby Thermos's arrival/CSection yet. I'm a little nervous since Scout came at 37 weeks-2 days but Nick is right, having a date means jack squat in our house. It's just the paranoid pregnant planner in me who wants a date to put on the calendar.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Bennet!

4 years ago we welcomed Bennet Leona and our lives have never been the same.
Climbing in the dryer at age 1. Pigtails at 2.

A terrific 3 year old.Our fantastic 4 year old. She had a fever on Saturday so we had to cancel her birthday party. Grandma and Grandpa Trunnell still made the trek from MN so she still had a fabulous day. Nick made and decorated the cake. Impressed right? Happy Birthday to my Grandpa Bud too! He's 94. Happy Birthday to my cousin Tiffany too! She's 23! (Yes- my Grandpa has a granddaughter and greatgranddaughter who share his birthday. Very cool!)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Daily December- Dec. 18 & 19

A couple more layouts from recent days.

Fri. Dec. 18
Focus on our annual tradition of holiday pj's for the girls. They get to open them Christmas Eve. Yes- it's also because I want them to be all matchy for Christmas morning photos. Sat. Dec. 19th
Journaling: No birthday party for Miss B who is running a high fever. Poor kid. G&G T still came for a quick visit so she wasn't 100% devastated. And of course there were still gifts & cake.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Daily December- Dec. 16- Dec. 17

Wed. Dec. 16 It was a pretty normal day today so I stole this idea from a fellow Daily December gal (Stacey Michaels) and listed some of my favorite Holiday songs.

Thurs. Dec. 17
Journaling: Nick loves Egg Nog & had the girls try a 'milkshake'. They both loved it. I loved the Nog Mustache.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Fill Ins

1. No, we will NOT listen to the song Christmas Shoes. I can't stand that song.
2. There used to be 'I will cooperate in class' engraved in my 1st grade handwriting on my parents old kitchen table.
3. I watched the steam rising from the hot cup of coffee and thought: digging to the bottom of the cooler for the Peppermint Mocha creamer was worth it..
4. Everything is going to be okay.
5. I'll take a Coke over a Pepsi anyday.
6. Being hormonal and teary at Christmas time is exhausting- at least from my point of view.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to helping Nick make Bennet's birthday cake, tomorrow my plans include celebrating Bennet's 4th birthday (a couple days early) with family and Sunday, I want to make a Gingerbread house. Or relax!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Microwave Homemade PlayDoh

Microwave Homemade PlayDoh

I made these as Christmas gifts for the 3 kids at Bennet and Scout's daycare/school. The kids are 3 & 4 so I thought a little craft would be fun.

2 C Flour
1 C salt
2 TBSP cream of tartar
2 pkg. of KoolAid (for scent and color)

I added a cookie cutter and the instructions.


Attach to Jar:
The Best Microwave Play Dough
Mix 2 cups of water and 2 tablespoons of baby oil
Put the dry ingredients from this container in a microwave-safe bowl; add the liquid mixture and stir to mix together. Ask an adult to microwave on high for a total of about 4 minutes, stopping every 30 to 45 seconds to stir again.
Stir each time until a ball forms.
After the play dough is cool enough to touch you're ready to play!

I figured they could use the jar as a piggy bank or something when they're done.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Daily December- Dec. 14 & 15

A couple more layouts.

Monday, December 14
Scout didn't want to sit alone with Santa so I ended up in the photo AGAIN this year. Of course as we left she ran and gave him a hug, waved and was all smiles.
Tuesday, December 15
I had a nice dinner out with some girlfriends that I scrapbook with reguarly. We had a fun little scrapbook embellishment exchange too. It was a wonderful excuse to put on some non-Mommy clothes for a change :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Years Eve-Day-DayAfter Crop at Citrus Tree Studio

Got New Years plans? Come join us at Citrus Tree Studio for an online crop! Guaranteed to be tons of fun, prizes, awesome challenges and great company!!! What a perfect way to ring in the new year! Did I mention there are some AWESOME prizes? The crop is being put on by us Guest Designers.

Details below....
Join us for a New Year's Crop hosted by the CTS Guest Designers, Brittny, Catherine, Jessica, Kari Ann (that's me), Melonie, Rachel, Rita and Susan.

Thurs., December 31st (starting at 6:00 p.m. (eastern)) through Saturday, January 2nd, 2010 (ending at 12 midnight(eastern)).

Posted Thursday, December 31st (6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. (eastern)).

check out this message board post for more details.... hope to see some familiar faces and new friends there.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Daily December Cover and the 12th-13th

Here is my Daily December cover. Now that I look at it again the bottom part kind of looks like a Magic 8-Ball but what can you do? I've had this KI Memories patterned paper for years and finally put it to use. I hot glued some bells up in the left corner for some extra fun. Sat. Dec. 12

Letters to Santa. Bennet wanted to make sure that I told Santa that Scout bit her 3 times. Oh dear. I scanned the letters, shrunk them down and put them inside a little envelope in the actual album.

Sun. Dec. 13th

Journaling: Sugar cut out day. Scout liked to sprinkle with both hands at once. Nick was artistic and Bennet was into volume. I kind of just went with it. They were good- thin & tasty. Santa Claus will love them!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Daily December- Dec. 10 and 11

Completed layouts for days Thurs. Dec. 10 and Fri. Dec. 11.
Dec. 10
Journaling: The lights are strung & the ornaments hung. I love our real tree. The top is funky so no Santa topper this year.
Every year there is an argument about the tree stand. This yr. Nick ordered a Krinner. As he put it. "They say it's a marriage saver" Ok by me. It was worth every penny. It really is a great stand.

Dec. 11

Journaling: PJ's on & in the new car for a tour of the holiday lights of Wausau Scout was asleep early. Bennet was awake & in awe of all the Baby Jesus figurines. She kept asking me the name of every Holiday song that came on the radio. She zonked out close to home & Nick had to carry her in the house and to bed. A fun litle night out seeing the lights of the season.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Fill Ins

1. You get a fresh year every Jan. 1. How will you use yours?
2. You have to fight for your right to party.
3. It's my Mom's birthday today. Cake time. Happy birthday Mom!
4. Frickin' ridiculous!
5. I feel more round and out front this pregnancy. But just bigger in general.
6. Stay in your own bed. I love you!...goodnight!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to driving around to look at the lights, tomorrow my plans include baking Christmas sugar cutout cookies and Sunday, I hope to see Matt, Katie and Molly for a quick visit!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Daily December- Dec. 6- Dec. 9th

Completed layouts for days Sun. Dec. 6 through Wed. Dec. 9 ENJOY!
Sunday, Dec. 6th
Not only was it annual cookie baking day and Grandma & Grandpa Sweeney's it was also St. Nick's Day. I did a simple little insert for the St. Nick's portion.
Journaling: Annual cookie baking at G&G Sweeney's is always messy fun. Sprinkles & flour everywhere. Scout really got in the action this year.
Journaling: This year the socks were filled with candy canes, Pop Rocks, and holiday Pez dispensers. Half of the candy was gone by 7 a.m.

Monday, Dec. 7
It was one of those days. And a Monday no less. No photo, just a whole lot of journaling.

Tuesday, Dec. 8 Journaling: A go-go-go kind of day. Ran errands & did some holiday shopping. Stopped at Aspirus to see Barb post-op from her hip replacement. Then a Dr. appt. 32 weeks. HB138. Everything looks great. I even mailed our holiday cards too!

Wednesday, Dec. 9

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Citrus Tree Studios Guest Designer

I am lucky enough to be the Guest Designer at Citrus Tree Studios for the month of December. This month the kit featured SEI, My Little Yellow Bicycle, American Crafts, and more

It isn't all a holiday/Christmas kit. I was able to use if for this Halloween layout of Bennet. There is navy blue stitching around the edges that didn't scan very well. (story of my life). I printed the journaling right on the label using my computer. (Not included in the kit: Blue alphabet and thread)

Little Red
JOURNALING: You love the movie 'Hoodwinked' and wanted to go as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween. We went to the store together to get the pattern and fabric. Then I went to work on your costume. You really made an adorable Red. Everyone agreed.Full of Wonder This photo is of Scout from last Christmas. Just look at that face! Those cheeks! (Not included in the kit: Black alphabet, rub ons and gray cardstock)

And last but not least a layout for my Book of Me. Machine stitching around the edges. I love that the Fiskars bracket punch can be used to create an ornament looking border. (Not included in the kit: Brown rub on alphabet)

A Gift for Me
JOURNALING: I usually won't spend $5 on a cup of coffee but the Peppermint Mocha is a holiday treat to me.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Favorites

In no particular order these are my top 5 favorite Holiday movies. The movies that I HAVE to watch every year. I had to limit it to 5 or I'd go on and on. Movies truly are my guiltiest pleasure. In no particular order.

1. White Christmas- I just love the music and dancing. Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney- what a combo! I'm not ashamed to admit I sing along to every song.
2. Love Actually- The cast is amazing and the soundtrack makes me smile. I cry every time I watch it. Usually at different spots. But always near the end when Sam (Liam Nesson's son) says "Ok Dad- let's get our ass kicked by love". And it has Colin Firth in it. That's always a winner for me.

3. It's a Wonderful Life- (Layout from Dec.2008)
JOURNALING: It's a Wonderful Life is one of my all time favorite movies. So much so that our blog shares its name. It reminds me that the way I treat others leaves a lasting impact. That it isn't the things, but family & friends that determine wealth. No matter how many times I see it I always end up with tears running down my face. As soon as George Bailey shouts 'My mouths bleeding, Bert! My mouth's bleeding' and digs in his pockets for ZuZu's petals I'm a goner. They continue to roll as George runs through Bedford Falls as a magical snow falls. When he runs in the house and grabs the loose banister knob, something that had been one of life's problems and kisses it, I'm reminded that all the day-to-day stresses and issues are not as bad as we make them out to be. I truly do have A Wonderful Life. Clarence the Angel was right- 'No man is a failure who has friends'

4. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation: Clark W. Griswold is just funny. Nothing more to say. The movie is just chucked full of classic one liners.

5. Home Alone- Sweet little Macaulay Culkin. He was so cute. This movie always reminds me of my sister Katie. And I love when 'The Carol of the Bells' plays near the end.

Runner Ups- Christmas Story, Elf, Die Hard (hee hee), The Holiday, The Santa Clause

What are your favorite Holiday Classics?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Daily December Album- 2009 Edition

Last year I made a Daily December Album inspired by Ali Edwards. I had so much fun with it that I wanted to make another one this year. All the supplies except the album itself came from existing supplies. Talk about a great way to use up that holiday stash. It always seems to grow!!
The key to success is to get it prepped before December starts. I actually started prepping pages in July and had my album pages ready to go by the end of last month. Now all I have to do is take the photo and put the page together.
Here are the first 5 days of December.

December 1-
JOURNALING: Dec. 1, 2009 came with sun and no snow on the ground. The girls made a paper chain to countdown the days until Christmas. It hangs on the wall in their room. The 1st of many fun holiday craft projects.

December 2-
JOURNALING: New this year is a 3 ft. tree in the girls room. They love it. Today we made glittery ornaments to add to the tinsel and lights.

December 3- JOURNALING: This girl AMAZES me. 2009 has thrown her curve ball after curve ball yet she still faces every day with a smile. I spent the day with Karin in Madison as she had her 6th Chemo treatment. It was wonderful to spend time with such a special friend. It is the season of friends and family. I am so lucky to be blessed with both.

December 4- JOURNALING: Our first time at the Holiday Parade was cold, 15 degrees, but we still had fun. Nick made fancy hot cocoa & we joined Jess & Kim (+ kids) for the lights, music, animals, candy & the best part- the big guy, Santa Claus. December 5- JOURNALING: We went to Newby's Tree Farm today for our annual Christmas Tree Cutting. We got off the trailer & the very first tree we saw was perfect.. We cut it down and waiting by thebonfire for a ride back to base. We all went inside to pay. When we came back to load our tree it was gone. Someone had taken out tree- and didn't pay for it! Nick trudged back into the woods to cut another tree. I hope the thieves have all the needles falls off. Who steals a tree? A bah Humbug day!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Fill Ins

1. Wait! Wait, don't forget the milk and cookies for Santa (I'm really looking forward to this part).

2. "Hey Mom" is followed at once by "You gotta see this".

3. The trouble is Scout really wants to sleep in Bennet's top bunk with her.

4. Although NYC is many miles away I wish we could sneak away there for a holiday weekend.

5. With a faint pop I instantly want Pringles.

6.The bumble in Rudolph is shadowy and ominous. (On a side note. Rudolph kind of sets a horrible example for kids at the beginning of the show. "Hey Rudolph, Bummer you have that nose or you could have been something? Let's cover that handicap/differentiating factor ok? Don't be a misfit!)

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to the Holiday parade, tomorrow my plans include cutting down our Christmas Tree and Sunday, I want to bake cookies at G&G Sweeney's!

I love to Scrap!

I'm playing catch up on getting layouts posted here. Here are a couple I completed recently.

TITLE: Get Wet
I can't stop stitching!! I stitched a double circle in a green floss to match Scout's swimsuit. The background paper is patterned as is the yellow circle. I did this using a Feeling Scrappy Sketch (Tracy Kosofsky) as well as for a ScrapFreak Challenge.

TITLE: Darling, sweet, happy girls.
Journaling: the two of you are beginning to enjoy each others company. it makes me so happy.

I totally and 100% lifted this design from Moon Ko that I saw in Creating Keepsakes. I changed the color combo a little. I love the gray/red/yellow combo.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

More Thermos Layouts

I can hardly believe that I am 31 weeks today. 7 months pregnant. That means that Thermos will be making his/her arrival in 7-8 weeks. Holy guacamole Batman- that's not that far off. Once January arrives we'll be in the home stretch.

TITLE: $106 for socks? Really? really.
Layout about my compression socks. Yes- I spent $106 on one pair of socks. Total craziness. Don't get me started.

And here I am at 7 months/31 weeks pregnant.

JOURNALING: Time is flying past as my belly grows. I'm starting to move a little slower. You still do backflips and cartwheels. You will make your arrival in less than 9 weeks. We can hardly wait.