Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Courage and Bravery

I want to remember this. 

Last weekend Bennet and Scout were playing with the large umbrella that belongs on the water/sand table in the backyard. Since it's an expensive part of the equipment I asked them several times to stop spinning it like Mary Poppins and put it back where it belongs. Monday night as we were tidying up the yard Nick noticed that there was a huge gash in the umbrella. They clearly didn't follow directions or treat it with respect. 

I believe that poor decisions that lead to damage require consequences. Monday night is Ice Cream Truck night. Since Bennet and Scout didn't follow directions I told them that they would not be able to get ice cream from the truck tonight. 

Bennet cried. Scout ran to her room and pitched a fit. 

Shortly after we heard the tell-tale music from the truck as it approached our street. As I stood at the ice cream truck with Ellie I could see Scout across the street, huddled behind the tree, crying. I couldn't hear what she was saying and figured she was still whining about the punishment. 

As I walked back across the street I finally heard what she was saying through the tears, "Mom- Bennet deserves ice cream. She deserves ice cream. I did it! I broke the umbrella. Bennet deserves ice cream!"

My heart simultaneously hurt and swelled with pride. I swooped her up and took her into the house. As we sat on the couch I told her how proud I was of her for telling the truth. I told her that it took Super Hero type courage to be honest like that. I told her that she was brave. I told her that I know it wasn't easy. I told her that sometimes its scary to tell the truth. I looked her in the eyes and told her that I had fireworks in my heart! I told her I loved her. 

Growing up is tough. Sometimes I forget that it's not easy being a kid. Learning how to make choices. Deciding which path to follow. Trying to figure it all out. Just like adults, they don't always get it right the first time. But when they do- you better believe we celebrate!