Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Bennet!

Dear B-

How can you be 6 years old already? I feel we were just talking about needing to use your whole hand when someone asked how old you were and now we need to add the thumb of the other hand!
It seems that in the last 6 months you've grown up so much quicker than before. You have a whole new sense of adventure. Wanting to try everything, join every club.  Your legs are longer, your vocabulary is funnier, your personality is bursting at the seams. And as the pictures show this was the year of the "funny" face.

It's odd, but some of my favorite memories of you this past year is the time we spend together in the car when it's just the two of us. You asking me all sorts of questions like "What's a Tween?" and "This doesn't make sense, Don't Stop Machining?" to which I reply, "It's Don't Stop Believing honey- it's just a song"  (Unfortunately she's inherited my ability to get song lyrics totally messed up)

I love that you are sensitive and thoughtful. I love that you want to do art projects from sun up to sun down. I love that you want to scrapbook a page for everyone you know. I love how you tell me "I love you Mama" at the moments I need to hear it most. I love that you snuggle with me on the couch. I love that you like princesses and make up just as much as zombies and legos. I love that you are such a good big sister. Always willing to plat  make believe with Scout and helping Ellie join in the adventure.

Happy Birthday Bennet! Enjoy your year!

Happy Birthday to my Grandpa Bud too! He's 96. Happy Birthday to my cousin Tiffany too! She's 25! (My Grandpa has a granddaughter and greatgranddaughter who share his birthday. Very cool!)

Friday, December 2, 2011

10 Things on Friday

1.  Last Saturday night Nick and I went to the Bachelors & Benedicts black tie party at the Grand Theatre. We had so much fun!
2. Last night was Scout's holiday concert. She had been practicing for weeks! She was the loudest singer on the stage and downright adorable.

3. I made her skirt and shirt. I found the shirt tutorial here.
4. One of her songs is about Santa with a long white beard, Nick- "Who else has a long white beard?" Scout- "Gandolf the White?" Nick- "I was thinking Dumbledore, but yes, you're right" Our kid.
5. My current book. Absolutely what I need right now- humor!
6. Tonight we're braving the elements for the Wausau Holiday Parade. Perhaps hot toddies for the adults?
7. Tomorrow we're cutting down our tree and writing letters to Santa.
8. I am truly enjoying the holidays and all the magic that surrounds them with my kids this year. They are at such a fun, excitable age.
9. Christmas cards are ready to mail!
10.  Secretly wishing we had more snow.