Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Fill Ins

1. A cup of tea is best if it's Chai.
2. The sound of laughter and wearing slippers makes a place feel like home.
3. Everything has its beauty on the inside. You just have to look for it.
4. Summertime brings the taste of strawberries (And Leinie's Summer Shandy- woo hoo)
5. Art makes me ponder things and question the true definition of 'art'
6. LOL I just noticed I forgot -I don't usually forget things :)
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to take out food and movie night tomorrow my plans include scrapping a little? Hopefully. and Sunday, I want to enjoy a quiet day as a family!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ellie is 1 Month Old

Ellie is one month old today. We survived the first month. I don't say 'survive' to mean that it was a constant uphill battle because it wasn't. In fact it has been a pretty great month. I think I had prepared myself for chaos and craziness once Ellie arrived and have been pleasantly surprised by how she's worked herself into our family. It has been wonderful.
I knew time would pass by quickly but WOW- one month already? If I still had my old job I'd be going back to work in 2 weeks. That just seems crazy. I love that I don't have to think about that right now. I'm looking for work but enjoying my time as a stay-at-home mama.
We are all adjusting to life as a family of 5. Ellie is her own little person and is distinctly different than her older sisters. Particularly in the affection department. She loves to be held and doesn't like to be left alone in a room. I guess she's afraid she'll miss out on something :) I love the snuggles and keep reminding myself that this time will be over too soon. But sometimes at the end of the day I'm just excited to not have a child on me :)
I feel like we spent January making last minute preparations for baby and enjoying those fleeting moments being a family of 4. February is a short month anyway and it's even shorter when you have a newborn. I am blown away by the thought that March is right around the corner. Time needs to slow down a little bit. However, I am anxiously awaiting everything that Spring brings.

There are still moments that I look around at my family and think 'Wow. We have three kids. When did that happen?' Life is good.

Time Flies

This week I registered Bennet for 4K. She is so excited. I'm excited too. I don't know if she'll be able to wait until September :) When I walked into the school the other day I secretly wished I could go back to grade school even if just for a little while. Snack time, nap time, coloring, wearing a smock for art time-those are things I can get behind!
I can't wait for our first Back To School shopping trip. Crayons, backpack, glue. . .

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Right Now

TITLE: Right Now
Journaling: Right now you are all about makng silly faces. You ask me to take your picture & then you want to look at it. Each of your signature looks brings a smile to my face. Feb. 2010.

I 100% lifted this from the Scrapbooks Etc. Nov/Dec09 created by Jennifer Johner. I even used the same line of October Afternoon paper that she did. It's all about ease and speed at this point.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bowling Bash

Bennet and Scout had been looking forward to the Bowling Birthday party all week. Bennet kept asking questions like, "Mom- will they have a bathroom there? Will they have drinks?" Not sure what type of place she thought it was but she sure wanted to know all the details.

Bennet picked a heavy ball but insisted, "I have super muscles Mom. I'm a superhero- see. Easy Peasy" Okie dokie.
Scout was little miss independent. She insisted on carrying the ball all by herself. Pushing it down the lane all by herself.
They had so much fun! I have to remember bowling as an option for the winter blues more often!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Fill Ins

1. Johnny Weir got 6th place. Oh yeah- I follow the Olympics
2. Really likes the hats the U.S. Team wore at the opening cermonies of the 2010 Olympics.
3. And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was just too much to take
4. If you get an urge, sometimes finding a spot to just let it all out helps you get through the day.
5. Having sweet dreams is nice. But the nap dreams I 've been having lately are WEIRD
6. What does it take to turn the damn economy and job market around?
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching a movie with the family, tomorrow my plans include a bowling birthday party for my niece Meghan and Sunday, I want to relax!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Scrapbook Layouts

Some layouts that I created last year. Just getting around to posting them now.

TITLE: Apple Time
JOURNALING: Our first trip to Helene's Hilltop Orchard. There was so much to do. Tractors, playsets, baby goats, cut outs and of course the hayride. It was a nice family day in the trees. Sept. 2009 TITLE: Sweet Blue Eyes
A simple layout focused on Scout's amazing blue eyes. I used a Feeling Scrappy Sketch for this.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Friday Fill Ins

1. Pickles are delicious. Especially in a Bloody Mary

2. Sometimes I'd rather be at home. Most of the time actually.

3. The snow is just not falling much this winter. I could actually use a couple snow days.

4. There are so many amazing things in nature.

5. It's 5:16 PM; that means it's 'not so magic hour' meaning the girls are going bonkers, I'm a bit cranky, making dinner and thinking about bedtime.

6. Pants/Jeans for this tall girl are hard to find.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony with Matt & Katie, tomorrow my plans include waiting for Mom, Dad and Gregg to arrive and then pick up Megs at the airport and Sunday, I want to make heart shaped pancakes and eat chocolate!

Sweet Girl

I wanted to journal Ellie's birth story before I forgot the details. The photo on the left is a before and after. The night before arrival and a photo on Tuesday at 2 weeks old.

I will put this in my pregnancy album. If I never see another piece of Cosmo Cricket Early Bird paper I think that would be just fine :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Back to the Studio

I am still recovering from my C-Section. In all honesty it is going a little slower this time. I'm doing my best to not over do it. Nick is making sure of it. Dr. Bennet is keeping me medicated and hydrated. Scout is trying her best to make me lapse and pick her up. I haven't caved too much yet.

I spent some time at my scrap desk this weekend. I have to admit it that playing with paper and photos made me feel a little more human. After a day of three kids climbing, whining, crying, talking, talking, talking (Bennet), running, negotiating, etc. it felt nice to have an hour or so for myself.

TITLE: Hide & Seek
I made this layout pre-Ellie as a sample for the ScrapFreak Sketch Class.

Journaling: The hay blae maze at Wilkes was the perfect size for you. Peek a boo I see you! 10/09
TITLE: She Loves You
I used the 2/4/10 Sketchy Thursday sketch for this. My friend Charlotte made the cute little flower with the safety pin and used it on a card for Scout when she was born. I finally put it to use.

Journaling: Your sister Scout just loves you. She wants to kiss you, touch your eyes and hug you. Sometimes a little too much. Jan. 31, 2010

TITLE: Eleanor Margaret
I'll use this layout for the first page in her album. Photo is from the day she was born along with her stats.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Alvin & the Chipmunks- The Squeakquel

Sometimes when the phone rings it brings the most unexpected and wonderful news. Today Aunt Jenny called and offered to take the big girls to see Alvin and the Chipmunks- The Squeakquel. The timing couldn't have been better. They've been cooped up inside the house since Thursday and we were all going a little stir crazy. Uncle Tony, Jenny and Morgan swung by and picked them up and off they went. They were so excited. What a special treat. Bennet said, "Mom- I need to tell Ellie something. Ellie- I'm going to the movie theatre. When you get bigger you can come too ok?" It was Scout's first time to the theatre and according to Jenny she did great.

Nick went shopping for a new washer- ours is busted. I hung out with Ellie. Took a cat nap and watched a girlie movie (Definitely, Maybe). Everyone had a little 'me' time and it was just what we needed to revamp for another week.

Tony, Jenny and MoMo- THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Fill Ins

1. I know that I'll miss these times but sometimes having a boppy, nursing newborn and affectionate 2 1/2 year old on my lap at the same time is too much for this multitasker.
2. April is the longest month because it always has that mix of rain/snow before spring really arrives.
3. You can't help but laugh when you see Bennet and Scout do the 'Naked Dance'.
4. The Winter Olympics start soon (yeah!!!); bring it on!
5. Where have you looked for scrap inspiration lately? I need more ideas
6. The Hurt Locker is now available on dvd. It was a pretty powerful movie.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to eating a delicious meal made by our thoughtful neighbors- The Gasall's (thank you thank you!!), tomorrow my plans include catching up on laundry as long as the washer gets repaired today and Sunday, I want to attempt a family trip to Sam's Club or Target. One- not both :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Layouts of Love

No- I'm not scrapping yet although I do have an itch. I made these layouts at Tall Oaks Retreat back in November.

TITLE: Special Treat
I did this for a monochromatic challenge on The Scrapbook Nook. Not a technique I do often but I like it.

JOURNALING: Your Dad doesn't go out of town very often. But when he does I let you sleep with me. It's truly a special treat. I love sneaking in and seeing you all cozy with your blankets and lovies. Snuggling in for sweet dreams. You love our special girls nights and so do I.


I liked this layout so much that I made a duplicate version for each of the girls albums.

JOURNALING: Labor Day Weekend was the first time it was warm enough to swim at the cabin. The two of you laughed, splashed and enjoyed the warm water. A late season swim in Poor Lake. Sept. 09

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What a difference. . .

a week makes. Eleanor is a week old already. The more we look at her the more we think she looks like Scout did as a newborn. Except for the full head of dark hair and her dark eyes. We are all starting to get in the groove of having another person in the house.
Bennet is smitten. When Ellie cries she'll say, "I bet she misses her big sister. I'd better check" She has been a huge help. Playing Dr. Bennet and bringing me my meds along with hugs, kisses, and diapers.

Scout likes her too. I often catch her leaving her kisses on her forehead or a little love tap on her head as she runs by. Of course we are having the normal 2 1/2 year old jealousy issues, but nothing too unbearable. She likes to tell me "Mama- baby hiccups" or "Mama- baby crying".
Ellie is a great eater and sleeper. She's doing 3 hour chunks of time at night which is great. I hope she keeps it up. She had her one week checkup yesterday and is back up to 8 lbs. 15 oz. She is much bigger than Bennet and Scout were but she still seems so tiny to us.

Hanging with her Elliefun, Dad and Stoli